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Global Stewardship

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Caring for Our Students, Our Community, and Beyond

Global Stewardship at St. George’s aims to build an ethic of care in our communities: for ourselves, for each other, and for the places we live, work and play in. Building care is an ongoing process, where students need guidance to be empowered in that process. Research, curiosity, and reflection are foundational to our work with our students as we ask them to:

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  • Understand Themselves

    Who am I? What is my story? How do my values and experiences shape how I see myself in the world? Why do I want to commit to leadership in the community? How might this shape my story moving forward?
  • Understand Their Relationships

    How do I show up in my relationships? Do my values align with my actions? How do I navigate difficult situations? How do my perspectives, power and privileges show up in my relationships? How do I participate in authentic dialogue and relationship building?
  • Understand Their Systems

    What systems am I connected to? How do my perspectives, power and privileges show up within these systems? What impact do I have on others? What leverage points do I have to make meaningful change?

Global Stewardship at St. George’s

The principles of care and lifelong learning weave through students’ academic classes and co-curricular programs; they engage in courageous conversations during their advisory periods and in our collective acknowledgement of cross-cultural days. Students become engaged community volunteers and mentors through our Student Leadership and Experiential Education programming; and they become global stewards as they connect their passions to a greater purpose — actioning their values and building authentic relationships in their wider communities.

Our Values are in Our Students’ Actions

Experiential learning initiatives, community engagement projects, service learning in the curriculum, and volunteer placements all act as safe spaces for students to challenge themselves and take risks. As they dive deeper into their curiosity, their interests begin to spark new passions, their connections evolve into collaborations, and they expand their capacity for empathy, solidarity, and what it means to truly care for people and places.
Our Global Stewardship programming provides the necessary opportunities for students to practice the skills that allow them to action our school values:
  • We see Empathy when students engage in meaningful dialogue. When students explore a variety of perspectives, they open up new connections, friendships, and opportunities for personal growth. 
  • We nurture Humility when students recognize the value of the knowledge and expertise from community members. 
  • We maintain Integrity by ensuring that our actions align with our values, continually reflecting upon our program work and faculty education to hold ourselves accountable. 
  • We grow in Resilience as we encourage our community to engage in courageous conversations, creating brave spaces to explore discomfort and commit to meaningful change.
  • We promote Respect as we seek to empower and amplify all voices in our work as we learn and grow.
  • We foster Responsibility in our students and faculty as we recognize the importance of self-reflection, dialogue, and feedback and its connection to student well-being and growth.
St. George's is proud to offer the Duke of Edinburgh's Award at the Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels. Starting at age 14, students work towards goals in the areas of Physical Recreation, Service to the Community, Skill Building, and an Adventurous Journey.  Participating in the Award fosters personal and social development. Individuals gain valuable experiences, life skills, grow in confidence, and become more aware of their environment and community; transforming themselves into responsible young adults and inspiring them to exceed their expectations of their own abilities.

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