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Theatre Arts, as a part of St. George’s Arts Program, offers a wide array of performance, technical, analytical, and creative courses spanning both stage and screen. Theatre Arts courses encourage students to develop their awareness and use the elements of Drama, Technical Theatre, Film Study and Film Creation to invent works that are related to their personal interests and experiences. In these courses, students will experience being a performer, audience, playwright, technician, designer, and director. Through the process of taking on these roles, students develop and express empathy for people in a wide range of situations. They also develop the ability to interpret and comment on a range of works, activities, and evaluate their own and each others’ creative work.

Department Members

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    Wes Boise 

    Head of Theatre Arts
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    Jamie Donnici 

    English / Theatre Arts Teacher
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    Luke Fredeman 

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    Marcus Stusek 

    Theatre Technical Coordinator

Saints Players Theatre Company

Saints Players Theatre Company is an audition-based, after-school Theatre Program, which aims to produce professional quality plays. Saints Players productions are directed and produced by the teachers in our Theatre Department. The cast includes students from St. George’s School and from the Greater Vancouver school community. St. George’s students are involved in all aspects of the production, from performing live music, to designing the set, lighting, and sound, to stage management.

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  • Middle Years Productions

    Middle Years Productions feature students from Grades 8–10, and gives them the opportunity to perform a high quality play for a large audience, while accessing our state-of-the-art resources and theatre facilities. Younger students have the opportunity to grow as actors and succeed in challenging lead roles, while being supported by their peers behind the scenes. Recent Middle Years Productions have included adaptations of classic stories such as Macbeth, Tom Sawyer, Oliver Twist, Twelfth Night, and The Outsiders.
  • Senior Years Production

    The Senior Years Production features students from Grades 10–12, and is a showcase of the top theatre talent and resources that the school has to offer. In the Senior production, students perform large-scale productions of acclaimed plays in our state-of-the-art theatre for typically sold-out audiences. Every three years, our Senior production is a musical and is open to actors, singers, musicians, and dancers from the entire school community. Recently, Senior productions have included iconic titles like Les Miserables, Death of a Salesman, Titanic, The Wizard of Oz, and Peter and the Starcatcher.

Curricular Courses

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  • Drama 8 & 9

    Drama 8 and 9 are separate, semestered courses that offer an introduction to character-building and scene-building in order to develop better cooperation, communication, and self-confidence. In both courses, students learn and then deepen their understanding of movement, tableaux, character, dialogue, lighting, sound, and story structure. Each course culminates in a student-written play, which is performed for a school audience.
  • Drama 10, 11, & 12

    Drama 10, 11, and 12 are separate, full-year Senior Theatre courses that introduce actors to the next level of the art form, while still providing a welcoming environment for newcomers. Students in these courses learn a variety of new skills, including improvisation, script breakdowns, representational theatre forms, directing, and musical theatre singing. Drama 10 students write a play based on issues that students face, perform it for a school audience. They also perform an original, teacher-written one-act play at the end of the year. Drama 11 and 12 students build on the skills and activities learned in earlier courses, and have the opportunity to take a one-act play to various theatre festivals, including the prestigious and exciting BC Drama Festival.
  • Television Production

    Television Production offers students the opportunity to delve into the technical side of filmmaking. Students will learn and practice industry techniques and demonstrate their learned knowledge through group-based projects. All units and projects in this course are structured to include the Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production phases to allow for thorough understanding of the total process of film production. Students will work with state-of-the-art cameras and production equipment, allowing for an authentic and professional experience.
  • Theatre Production

    Theatre Production is a hands-on experience for students working on Saint’s Players Theatre Company’s productions and other events in the Auditorium. The course is meant for students who wish to gain valuable practical skills, many of which are applicable outside of theatre. The course offers students the chance to explore areas such as stage/house management, lighting, sound, scenic design, scenic painting, set-construction, wardrobe, props and makeup. This course supports the various stage productions at St. George’s School throughout the school year, including school plays, concerts, talent shows, and presentations at weekly Assemblies.
  • Directing & Script Development 11

    Film Studies focuses on individual and collective story-telling and meaning through the lens of vibrant histories, diverse cultures, and contemporary communities. With an ever-improving critical eye, students will explore people’s sense of identity and belonging. They will begin to understand the dedication and resilience of filmmakers as they use a myriad of artistic techniques to immerse their audiences in the lives of their characters and subjects. In the end, the critical viewer must become the storyteller himself in order to understand how creativity and collaboration bring new perspectives to light and can change both the artist and the audience.

    Previously Known As Film Studies 11

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