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Welcome to St. George's School

I am really glad that you are taking the time to find out about our School. It’s a community we care deeply about and an environment we believe our boys thrive in.

I’d value the opportunity to share two foundational pillars of our School through which I believe you will have the best chance to understand the essence of Saints.

Firstly, I’d like to share our Mission; it’s our purpose, it’s what drives us. It is contained in two short phrases:

“Building fine young men. One boy at a time”

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    David Young 

    Head of School
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    Linn Cardinal 

    Senior Executive Assistant to the Head of School

Building Fine Young Men

The first phrase reflects the truth that we are involved in future-facing work. We are passionately committed to the difficult but vital endeavour of nurturing, over time, a graduate who has the nuanced attributes to step into an increasingly complex world as a good man, a man ready, a man able to succeed excellently in his chosen arena, and a man who holds a foundational responsibility to contribute to and uphold his communities and his society. Our world desperately needs fine young men, and we are resolute in our desire to support each of our boys in his journey towards manhood.

One Boy At A Time

The second sentence reflects our understanding that each boy is wonderfully unique, that each boy holds a series of identities, histories, interests, strengths, fears, and hopes that are specific only to him. To allow each unique boy the very best chance to uncover his fullest potential requires him to first feel that he belongs and secondly to know that he is surrounded by trusted relationships with people who seek to understand and care for him. It is our belief that when a school community has relationships at its centre, a boy can find his personal confidence: confidence to try, fail, try again, and, over time, explore and develop into his own actualized version of a fine young man. It is tender work. There are infinite ways to be a boy, and we celebrate and support them all. All boys can find their path at St. George’s, where a beautifully diverse array of good men can grow.  It is what our world urgently requires.

Our Values: Empathy, Humility, Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, Resilience

A man’s life finds purpose, impact, and direction when it is grounded on deeply held personal values. It is the starting place from which meaningful achievements of significance emerge. Modelling for our boys a community that bases itself and its actions on values is, therefore, fundamentally important.

St. George’s grounds our daily work on our shared core values. These six values reflect what we believe underpin the actions of a ‘fine young man’. Each boy will, of course, augment these values with equally important values nurtured in him at home and, in time, will align himself with his own discerned values. These deeply held values will drive him towards fulfilling his purpose with excellence and compassion.

I finish by saying St. George’s School is more than a school; it is a vibrant, connected, global community of students, staff, parents, and generations of passionate alumni who hold their role in the shared care and stewardship of our school community as something fundamentally important.


David Young
Head of School
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