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Theatre Arts, as a part of St. George’s Arts Program, offers a wide array of performance, technical, analytical, and creative courses spanning both stage and screen. Theatre Arts courses encourage students to develop their awareness and use the elements of Drama, Technical Theatre, Film Study and Film Creation to invent works that are related to their personal interests and experiences. In these courses, students will experience being a performer, audience, playwright, technician, designer, and director. Through the process of taking on these roles, students develop and express empathy for people in a wide range of situations. They also develop the ability to interpret and comment on a range of works, activities, and evaluate their own and each others’ creative work.

Department Members

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  • Photo of Stephen Sarmento

    Stephen Sarmento 

    Drama Teacher, Global Stewardship Coordinator
  • Photo of Sue Young

    Sue Young 

    Kindergarten Teacher

Saints Players Junior Theatre Company 

Saints Players Junior Theatre Company is an audition-based, after-school Theatre Program which aims to produce professional quality one act plays and musicals.

Saints Players Junior Theatre Productions are directed by Mr. Sarmento and are supported by Junior School staff members (Ms. Roberts, Mr. Chang, Ms. McCarthy, Ms. Paish, Ms. Colville, Ms. Campbell, and Mr. Marshall) and parent volunteers,  who provide support with choreography, music, photography, props, and costumes. Our Production Team consists of Mr. Stusek, Theatre Technical Coordinator and Designer, and his team of Senior School Stagecraft students. Our casts of students consist of Grade 5-7 actors from St. George’s School and students from our Vancouver sister schools such as York House School and Crofton House School. Students are involved in all aspects of the production, from performing scenes, to designing the set, lighting and sound, to stage management. 

Curricular Courses

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  • Kindergarten Drama

    Taught by Ms. Young, incorporating introductory theatre games utilizing mime, voice, and other introductory themes.
  • Grade 1-2 Drama

    Taught by Mr. Sarmento, based on Beat-by-Beat’s Early Years Programming, focuses on group activities and involvement. Various levels of energy are explored, in addition to different types of interactive games (incorporating cooperative circle games, dance, mime, and character).
  • Grade 3–7 Drama

    Taught by Mr. Sarmento, using the Drama Menu as a basis for lessons, boys are subject to a wide variety of Drama activities ranging from Appetizers (5 minute warm ups) all the way up to Main Courses (15+ minute scene-work) and everything in between. Various elements are explored with a focus on improv and creative design of scenes and storylines.

Primary Musical

Consisting of students in our Kindergarten classes all the way up to Grade 3. Performed in the gym, all grades below Grade 3 perform at least one song, with the Grade 3s having lines and roles pertaining to the story. Music is done by Ms. Colville and Ms. Paish, acting is supported by Mr. Sarmento and costumes and the set are aided by homeroom teachers, Ms. McCarthy and Mr. Bepple in the Art Department.

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