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St. George's School is accredited by the BC Inspector of Independent Schools and is a member of the Independent Schools Association of BC, the Canadian Association of Independent Schools, and the National Association of Independent Schools (USA). The School’s management and operations teams are led by the Head of School, Mr. David Young and are overseen by the Board of Directors of the St. George’s School Society under the stewardship of Ms. Shanni Eckford, the current Chair. The School’s endowment funds and assets are held by the St. George’s School Foundation. The current Chair of the Foundation Board is Mr. Mark Lewis '89. Both entities are incorporated under the Societies Act in British Columbia and are tax-exempt, registered charitable organizations under the Income Tax Act in Canada.

Our charitable registration number is 11917-5511 RR0001.

The Boards are entrusted with the fiduciary responsibility of oversight of the affairs of the School and the stewardship of its assets. Directors and Trustees have a duty to make decisions and implement policies in the best interests of the School and are bound by a Board Code of Ethical Conduct.

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  • 2023–24 Foundation Board of Trustees

    Mark Lewis '89
    Foundation Board Chair
    Nominating & Governance
    New Buildings Task Force

    Jamie Brown '86
    Audit & Risk Management
    Ben Cherniavsky
    Property & Facilities (Society)

    Ryan French '84
    Nominating & Governance Chair

    Victor Tsao
    Audit & Risk Management Chair
    Advancement (Society)

    Chris Tsoromocos
    Investment Chair

    Shanni Eckford (Ex-Officio)
    Society Board Chair
    Nominating & Governance 
    Nigel Kirkwood (Ex-Officio)
    Audit & Risk Management
    Mike Mackay (Ex-Officio)
    Society Board Vice-Chair
    Nominating & Governance 
    Hao Min (Ex-Officio)

List of 1 items.

  • 2023–24 School Board of Directors

    Shanni Eckford
    Society Board Chair
    New Buildings Task Force

    Seonaid Charlesworth
    Strategic Planning & Partnerships Chair
    Karen Grant
    Strategic Planning & Partnerships

    Michael Jagger
    Property & Facilities Vice Chair

    Nigel Kirkwood '83
    Finance & Audit Chair

    Karen Kwan
    Nominating & Governance Chair
    Strategic Planning & Partnerships

    Michael Mackay '04
    Society Board Vice-Chair
    Advancement Chair
    Finance & Audit Vice-Chair

    Hao Min
    Property & Facilities
    John Newell  
    Property & Facilities Vice-Chair

    Martha Piper
    Strategic Planning & Partnerships Vice-Chair
    Nominating & Governance Vice-Chair

    Gary Pooni
    Advancement Vice-Chair 
    Nominating & Governance
    Peter Wilken
    Nominating & Governance
    Strategic Planning & Partnerships

    George Zhao
    Strategic Planning & Partnerships

    Owen Cameron '99 (Ex-Officio)
    OBA Alumni Chair
    Nominating & Governance
    Mark Lewis '89 (Ex-Officio)  
    Foundation Board Chair
    New Buildings Task Force
    Jess Hanick (Ex-Officio)
    SGPA President

Leadership Team

As members of Senior Management representing all areas within the School and reporting directly to the Head of School, the St. George's School Leadership Team:
  • shares with the Society Board the responsibility of advancing the School’s Mission, Vision, and Values;
  • is responsible for implementing the Strategic Plan through the development, execution, and monitoring of the Annual Action Plan;
  • is responsible for monitoring and strengthening School culture;
  • provides individual members with a School-wide perspective through an appreciation of other member’s portfolios, along with the interplay between various aspects of School operations beyond their own areas of responsibility; 
  • functions as a sounding board and support group for its members;
  • helps to inform decisions made by individual members on important matters within their portfolios, particularly when those matters may have School-wide implications;
  • provides advice, counsel, and support to the Head of School;
  • helps to inform key decision made by the Head of School.

List of 11 members.

  • Photo of David Young

    David Young 

    Head of School
  • Photo of Len Gurr

    Len Gurr 

    Senior School Principal
  • Photo of Karyn Roberts

    Karyn Roberts 

    Principal, Junior School
  • Photo of Alan Hesketh

    Alan Hesketh 

    Director of Residential Life
  • Photo of Andrew Shirkoff

    Andrew Shirkoff 

    Director of Risk Management
  • Photo of Karen Potter

    Karen Potter 

    Director of Human Resources
  • Photo of Sam Johnston

    Sam Johnston 

    Director of Learning
  • Photo of Neil Piller

    Neil Piller 

    Director of Operations
  • Photo of Aaron Andersen

    Aaron Andersen 

    Director of Admissions
  • Photo of Sanjay Chauhan

    Sanjay Chauhan 

    Director of Finance
  • Photo of Dave Fitzpatrick

    Dave Fitzpatrick 

    Director of Advancement
St. George’s School acknowledges that we are situated on the unceded traditional territory of the Musqueam First Nation.

Contributions to St. George's School Foundation are eligible for tax receipts as prescribed by Canadian law. St. George's School Foundation's Charitable Registration Number is: 11917-5511 RR0001.
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