Outdoor Education


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Trips are supervised by qualified Outdoor Education teachers and instructors who connect learning in the field with concepts taught in school, with an emphasis on transferring leadership to the students over the course of the year.

St. George's School makes every effort to provide a quality program that meets the stated learning objectives, while managing the risks posed in outdoor settings. Careful consideration is given to the size of groups, leader to student ratios, instructor qualifications, types of activities undertaken, equipment used, terrain selected, and instructor decision-making.

However, there are inherent risks involved in outdoor activities. These include a host of factors ranging from environmental (weather, terrain, animals, etc.) to human actions and inactions. It is important that parents understand the types of activities their sons will be participating in and acknowledge the risks associated with these activities.

If you have any questions please seek clarification from St. George's staff or outside sources. You will be required to review and sign an Acknowledgement of Risk and Informed Consent Form for those activities to which you consent your son's participation.

You do have a choice, and it is possible for your son to participate in Discovery without you consenting to his participation in all activities.
St. George’s School acknowledges that we are situated on the unceded traditional territory of the Musqueam First Nation.

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