Pink Shirt Day

On February 25, 2014, the Grade 6 boys were given the amazing opportunity to listen to Travis Price, the co-founder of Pink-Shirt Day, talk about his childhood experiences with bullying. Travis told us a few inspirational stories, but the one that stood out the most was about how he created Pink Shirt day.

In his senior year of high school Travis saw a new student walk in to school wearing a pink shirt. The new boy was instantly bullied. He was punched, kicked, pushed into lockers, and called gay. Travis’s first reaction was to look away, a reaction created from years of being tormented, but as the day progressed he began to realize that it would be inhumane not to do anything.

As soon as school ended, Travis and his friend David went to buy as many pink shirts as they could find. They found 75 pink ladies’ tops and a box of cheap pink hair bands. Later that day, Travis and David posted a message on their social networks and contacted their few friends telling them to wear pink. As their final preparation they contacted the school principal telling him what they planned. The principal told Travis and David that if a fight broke out they would be expelled, In spite of this looming threat, they decided to go ahead with their plans. Travis figured that at the very least, he would get to take a year off without bullying.

The next day, more than two thirds of the school dressed in pink which was incredible considering the lack of school spirit. The same day, a news team scheduled a meeting with Travis. Since then, pink-shirt day has grown, and now has over 6.8 million annual participants. Our Junior School participated in this event with an overwhelming participation level, too.

Overall, this was an inspirational and unique experience. We would like to thank Ms. Unger for coordinating Travis’s visit and making it possible for him to speak to us. It was a wonderful and memorable visit for the Grade 6 class.
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