Careers Day Reflection

By: Jaden Bains

Recently the Grade 11s had the privilege of listening to and discussing a diverse range of careers from people of all over the country. We loved hearing about the challenges and difficult side to a real career. The honesty and reality of the presentations taught us valuable lessons and allowed us to understand the true viscosity of the word career.
One the aspects of the day that was really meaningful was the unique careers that we observed. With a band, business people, consultants, a helicopter pilot and many others, every boy’s interest was met. It showed us all what can be done when you find what you’re good at and truly pursue it with hard work and confidence.
Values were a focal point of Careers Day. Our core value of resilience was one of the fundamental parts of each person’s career. The presenters taught us what’s often understated in school: how important values are in a person’s work. Many of the entrepreneurs told us about the speed bumps and struggles they experienced along the way and the skill that is involved in overcoming them.
One of our favourite parts of Careers Day was all the Georgian presenters we were able to meet. It is incredible to think that at one point they were like us, sitting in the auditorium, petrified by the options and decisions in front of them. But in the insanity of grad preparation and university applications, seeing them as confident entrepreneurs, innovators, and artists was nothing less than inspirational.
The word inspiration literally means to take a breath. And that was what Careers Day was, a moment to stop and hear the genuine story of a person and their drive for their passion. Every one of us walked out with more wisdom, guidance, and a true appreciation for their time. 
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