Grade 10 Cohort Program

The Grade 10 Cohort model was created to provide students with the opportunity to learn more deeply through a specific perspective or lens. We knew we had a good model to help us achieve our educational goals of depth and relevancy. Discovery, our Outdoor Education Cohort, has been in existence for over 15 years and has provided hundreds of boys with a powerful experience that rejuvenated and motivated its graduates. What makes Discovery such a powerful model is its ability to move beyond courses and allow boys to see the world for its connections. Science is taught on a mountain. Social Studies is reinforced on the land. English compositions have context. The key was to expand this model to other perspectives and lenses.

We presently offer four Grade 10 Cohorts. In Discovery students link their learning to environmental issues; in Connect they view their subjects through a global lens; in Fusion they use Science and Math to solve real-world problems via design thinking; and in Express they are learning to convey complex ideas through performance. All cohorts provide ways for our students to identify their unique strengths and to develop their ability to ‘lead from within’.

How does it work? The cohort is a group of students who learn together for a number of connected courses with a minimal number of teachers. The additional time to allow bonding as a cohort in combination with the blurring of lines between courses creates an environment that encourages the interdisciplinary study of complex problems. And so far, the results have been outstanding!

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