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Rezoning information from the Headmaster and the Boards

February 2017
Please note: This application was presented to Council at the July 18, 2018 Public Hearing. Council has referred discussion and decision on this item to the Regular Council meeting on July 24, 2018, as Unfinished Business. At the Regular Council meeting on July 24, 2018, Council approved this application.

View the rezoning application here.

To All Members of the St. George’s School Community:
We are pleased to update you on recent decisions made by the School and Foundation Boards that will allow us to proceed with a bold and incredibly exciting future for St. George’s School.
As you know, as a result of the Strategic Plan approved by the Board in 2011, St. George’s has committed itself to become Canada’s World School for Boys—a world leader in the education of boys. When educators from around the globe wish to identify a school that really understands boys and is doing a superb job of meeting their learning needs, we expect St. George’s to be at the top of the list. We have been working hard in recent years to renew our instructional practices and educational programs, as well as our academic facilities on both campuses, as we advance our vision of boy-centred, 21st-century teaching and learning. Some of our most recent initiatives include the introduction of three new cohorts at the Grade10 level and a complete renovation of the Junior School’s fourth floor to create flexible and dynamic learning spaces for our Grade 5 and 6 students.
We also have developed comprehensive long-term facilities plans for both campuses, in conjunction with initiating the rezoning process for the Senior School. The ONE Campaign was launched two years ago with the goal of raising $40 million to support the construction of two new academic buildings on the Senior School campus and the ongoing renovation of the Junior School. To date, we have received commitments in excess of $35 million, and we are working hard to exceed our $40 million goal by the end of June 2017.
At their most recent meetings in late December, the School and Foundation Boards reviewed and approved several interrelated motions regarding the Campus Master Plan (CMP) and the rezoning of the Senior School Campus. Below is a summary of each motion and its implications:
1) Approval of a Revised Campus Master Plan for the Senior School Campus
Following an exhaustive year-long review that included a comprehensive assessment of the current Senior School building’s long-term viability, the two Boards approved a recalibrated Campus Master Plan. The revised CMP is better and bolder than its previous iteration, calling for the construction of an exciting and innovative urban campus capable of transforming student learning and informing educational practice worldwide. We have now resubmitted this revised Campus Master Plan to the City of Vancouver, and we hope that it will be approved by the end of this year. Ongoing public consultation will continue to be part of the process, however, and any approval will be subject to a public hearing.
The revised Campus Master Plan will be implemented in several distinct phases over a number years or even decades. The first construction project will be anchored as planned by two new academic buildings; subsequent phases will include an auditorium and teaching spaces for music and drama, a new athletics complex, new boarding facilities and faculty accommodation, the relocation of the playing fields, and the eventual deconstruction of the current Senior School building. It is important to note that the Plan does not anticipate an increase in the number of Senior School students, nor an expansion of the boarding population. As well, every phase can be completed without any significant disruption to the School, its programs, and its students. More detailed information on the Senior School Master Plan Revised Rezoning Application can be viewed HERE.
2) Approval of Funds to Design the Senior School’s First Construction Project
With their endorsement of the revised Campus Master Plan, the School and Foundation Boards also approved the funding required to design the two new academic buildings. This design work is being undertaken by Perkins + Will, a highly regarded local architectural firm that has completed a number of significant projects in Vancouver, including the award-winning VanDusen Garden Visitor Centre and several UBC buildings, including the recently-opened Orchard Commons. Known for its collaborative approach and commitment to enhancing communities, Perkins + Will also has set the bar for environmental sustainability in architectural design.
3) Approval in Principle of a Plan to Enhance the First Construction Project
Taking into account the successful progress of the ONE Campaign and the efficiencies arising from constructing more elements at once, the Boards agreed in principle to include as many elements as possible from the new CMP in the Senior School’s first construction project. All of these elements will be arranged around a beautifully landscaped plaza that will constitute the heart of the new campus. We believe that it is important to expand the scope of the Senior School’s first construction project to include a new learning commons/library, along with a full kitchen, and a dining/gathering space large enough to accommodate the entire Senior School. These additional spaces, together with the two new academic buildings, will become the heart of the Senior School campus.
Due to the extraordinary generosity of the St. George’s community, The ONE Campaign is expected to be a resounding success in achieving its $40 million goal. We are grateful to the more than 200 donors who have made commitments to the Campaign. The success of our fundraising efforts beyond the ONE Campaign will determine our timeline and how much we are able to include in the first construction project.
In the weeks and months ahead, we will continue to keep you well informed as we move forward with the rezoning process, the implementation of the Campus Master Plan, and other key initiatives emanating from the Strategic Plan. The next event will be a City-led Open House on March 28 to gather feedback on the revised rezoning application. In the meantime, please contact us should you have any questions or concerns.
Sincerely yours,
Jake Kerr ’61           Tom Matthews           Markus Franiek ’82
Board Chair              Headmaster                 Foundation Chair
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