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The Ministry requires us to keep accurate attendance records. Therefore, we have made some revisions to our attendance policies that should be noted. When your son is absent or late for any reason, it is necessary to provide us with documentation for that absence. If you would prefer to provide us with written documentation, please send the note with your son when he returns to school.

It is absolutely imperative to have your son sign in and out whenever he is arriving late or leaving throughout the school day. This assures that attendance records are accurate as well as providing us with a record so that we can keep track of all students' comings and goings.

Junior School Attendance Hotline

If your son is going to be absent, please complete the online attendance form below. You can also call the Junior School Attendance Hotline at 604-221-3901 or email If emailing, please include your son's full name and homeroom.

Junior School Online Attendance Form

Senior School Attendance Hotline

In your email, please indicate if your son is not well or if there is another reason for his absence.  

Phone: 604-221-3636

Senior School Attendance Information

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  • Absent for Health Reasons

    If a boy is going to be absent from the Senior School for health reasons, the School requests that a telephone message or email be left at 604-221-3636 or by the parent or legal guardian. Please advise the School of the boy's name, advisor teacher, date, and the reason for his absence. Parents who do not phone or email in to the Attendance Line must provide a written note for absence. Attendance is a requirement for credit. Any student may be denied credit for a class should his absences make it impossible for the teacher to justify promotion.
  • Tardiness

    Students are considered late if they are not in their first period by 8:30 am and must sign in at the Front Office upon arrival. The student's name, class, time of arrival, and reason for tardiness must be noted on the 'Late Sheet.' Failure to sign in is a serious infraction, which can threaten our emergency procedures. Excessive tardiness will result in detentions, early sign in procedures, and, eventually, more serious consequences.
  • Appointments

    Students having a doctor, dentist, physiotherapist, or similar appointment must sign 'out' and 'in' upon leaving and returning to school. The student must provide the front office with a note from a parent or medical professional at the time of departure, or if need be, immediately upon return. Students may not sign out other students. Parents should take advantage of the daily predictability of the timetable to time appointments so that disruptions to a student's academic program are minimized. If a student is going to miss a test because of an appointment or illness, he must inform the teacher AHEAD of time. Failure to notify staff of absences for tests may result in some penalty at the individual teacher's discretion. Due to concern about safety and communication, except for appointments as noted above, no student in Grade 8–11 may leave the School at any time during the school day without permission from a parent or administrator.
  • Illness During the School Day

    All cases of illness and injury must be reported to the Student Health Centre. The nurse will contact parents or guardians if students are to be sent home and give the student a sick leave slip. This slip is then handed in to the front desk when the student signs out of the School. The nurse will then countersign, giving the student authority to go home and inform staff of his absence.

    If Boarding Students are ill and need to return to the residence, the Senior School nurse will contact the Residence Nurse and the boy will walk back or be picked up at the nurse's discretion. Sign-out book procedures are the same as for day students. Students who are off-games for medical reasons or due to appointments must have a note from parents/guardians or the nurse. Boarders must have all notes from home or their doctors co-signed by the nurse.
  • Parental Requests for Student Absence

    Each teaching day is critically important, and key dates are published on the website well in advance in order to help you plan. Families are accommodated with extra vacation time at Winter and Spring Breaks and are therefore discouraged from requesting more time for holidays.

    Parents must send a written request to their son’s Head of Grade to seek permission for extra or extended leave. As well, the Attendance Clerk will also need to be notified of this absence in advance. To fulfill the Ministry of Education's attendance requirements regarding missed work, and so that the absence may be designated 'excused', your son should complete the 'Student Absence - Required Work' form (at the bottom top of this page), and turn it in to his Head of Grade prior to his departure.
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