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Due to COVID-19, we have adjusted the School’s meal program to maximize safety — all while maintaining quality, nutrition, and menu variety.

This website and the Food Service Program will continue to be updated on an ongoing basis as we learn more information. Please check back frequently for any change to the website content.


Variety, nutrition, and balance are the criteria that St. George’s Food Service department embraces to ensure students are well-fed. Our onsite Red Seal-certified chefs create menus for our St. George’s boys and community that are filled with high-quality meals using fresh, sustainable, and local ingredients wherever possible.

St. George’s School offers a variety of food programs to make sure that all food needs are met. Programs that are offered between both campuses include a meal program at the Senior School, a meal program at Junior School, a Boarding Student meal program, and the Senior School Saints Café kiosk (retail).

Meet Our Director

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    Melissa Gaudiel 

    Director of Food Services

Lunch Programs

If you have already signed up for the lunch program during the school enrollment process in March/April 2022, you are already registered for the 2022–23 Meal Program and are not required to take any action.

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  • Junior School Lunch Program

    Due to limitations on size, we will have limited capacity in the dining hall. Boys in primary grades (Kindergarten to Grade 3) will eat their lunches in their homerooms with box lunches delivered to them. Boys in intermediate grades (Grades 4 to 7) will eat hot lunch in the dining hall. All hot lunches will be pre-plated for students to grab-and-go. Students will sit together by grade level and (for now) will not eat with students of other grades.

    The Boxed Lunch Program will continue to be served as well. Students who are interested in being on the Dining Room Lunch Program should already be registered through the enrollment process. If you have any questions regarding the Junior School Meal Program, you can direct questions by emailing the Food Services department at or Judy Low, in the business office at  

    For more information on the Food Service Program at St. George’s School, including our sustainability practices, please visit:
  • Senior School Lunch Program

    Students wanting to participate in the meal plan will receive their lunch in McLean Hall during their scheduled lunch period and all required COVID-19 safety protocols will be in place. 

    The Red Seal Chefs in our onsite kitchens curate dining experiences for Saint George's School using fresh local ingredients whenever possible. Fresh cut vegetables, never-frozen meats, cage-free eggs, and sustainable seafood and meats are just some of the items used for this canteen-style service. Students can swipe their ID card to gain access to the meal program.

    Students that are NOT on the program also have access to having a meal if they forgot their lunch or if they are interested in the daily menu. This menu is posted on the School Website, so students can check to see what is available each week. They can simply swipe their ID card and it will charge them for an “Occasional Meal” at the cost of $10.25.

    All students must have their ID card at every lunch period in order to access the meal program. If they have lost their ID card, they must contact the IT department to re-issue another one.

    Lunch will be served in McLean Hall this year. All students will come in with their grade groups to sit at their designated seats. There will be two service lines in McLean Hall; boys will enter for their lunch going down the MIDDLE of the hall, pick up their pre-plated soup or salad, fruit from the fruit baskets, their entrée of the day with associated condiments, their dessert, and finally ending with picking up their freshly made infused water of the day, milk, or ice water. 

    For any dietary restrictions or special diets, we will have a dedicated station on the Northside (closest to kitchen) of the fireplace.
    Tentative Lunchtimes will be as follows — please note timings are not finalized. The final lunch timeline will be confirmed in September:

    Mclean Hall 
    11:55 am-12:15 pm
    12:20-12:40 pm
    12:45-1:05 pm
    11 and 12
    1:10-1:30 pm
    11 and 12
    1:35-1:55 pm
    Staff/ Faculty
    If you have any questions regarding the SR school meal program or Saints Cafe, you can direct questions by emailing the Food Services department at or Judy Low, in the business office at

    For more information on the Food Service Program at St. George’s School, including our sustainability practices,  please visit:
  • Boarding Meal Program

    For COVID-19 precautions, we are no longer serving any self-serve items such as buffets or beverage machines. To keep our community safe, everything will be served by a Sodexo attendant until further notice.

    Boarding students will receive three hot meals per weekday as well as generous snacks in between. Snacks can range from homemade Asian-style baos, to quesadillas, to fresh-cut fruit platters.
    On weekends, boarders can indulge in a served brunch that can consist of a variety of items from made-to-order omelettes to build your own Belgian waffle bar.
  • Saints Café

    This is not your average food kiosk. The Saints Café offers a wide variety of snacks and drinks. From traditional baked goods and beverages, to homemade salads, sandwiches, smoothies, and even special entrees of the day! Try our famous Asian-style tea eggs, homemade passion fruit popping boba tea, homemade coconut vegan chia pudding, or our new offering – onigiri.

    You asked for it, and now we have it! Saints Café now offers online ordering! In order to avoid crowds and line ups, bypass the line and pre-order on our Catertrax system online ordering. 

    cut off times are 1 hour before pick up. You must be able to present your ID as proof of purchase to pick up your order.

    Please click here if you would like to order food for the 4 available timings:
    1. Before school 8:30–8:55 am: pick-up at the designated location at Saints Café
    2. Morning break 10:10–10:15 am: pick-up at the designated location at Saints Café 
    3. Morning break 11:25–11:30 am: pick-up at the designated location at Saints Café
    4. Lunch service (delivered right to McLean Hall for pick-up at your designated lunch period)
    5. After school 3:15–4:00 pm: pick-up at the designated location at Saints Café

    Open from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm 
    Closed on Stat Holidays and Pro D Days
    Open until 12:30 pm on Early Dismissal Days

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • I cannot remember if I enrolled my son in the meal program during the School Enrollment process. How do I find out if I did or not?

    You will receive communication that you have enrolled in the program by September 1st. If you are unsure, please fill out this form.
  • I eat lunch at the Senior School, but I have an egg allergy. How do I get my lunch this year?

    Please click HERE to register for a special diet. Please be as detailed as possible about your diet. Example: “Cannot have eggs by themselves, but can have them in baking and in commercial products such as dressings.” There will be a special diet station set up in McLean Hall on the North side of the fireplace — they will have your name registered on a list — please let them know your diet and they will assist you with your lunch. 

  • I forgot to pack my son a lunch today. Help! What should I do?

    If your son is at the Junior School, please call 604-222-5805 before 10:00 am, and the kitchen can assist with getting lunch for your son.

    If your son is at the Senior School, he can simply swipe his ID card to give him access to the meal plan for a charge of $10.25. This will include: fresh fruit baskets, a featured salad or home-made soup of the day, a hot entrée of the day with all the condiment sides, a daily dessert (usually fruit from Monday to Thursday, Fridays is a treat), and our selection of fresh-made, daily infused water, milk, or ice water.

  • I heard we get the same menu as some other Sodexo sites and that our food is all pre-packages and frozen. Is this true?

    No. Executive Chef Jay and Sous Chef Eric create the menu at the beginning of every school year and customize it for the students at St. George’s School.

    In order to maintain standards, we make sure to order the highest quality fresh ingredients and are always open to suggestions for future menus. Our ingredients are local and sustainable whenever possible. 

    With the exception of a few items, the food at SGS kitchen is made from scratch on a daily basis from soups to salad to entrees.  We try to choose meats that come in fresh and not frozen and we prefer free-range and local as much as we possibly can.  Vegetables are brought in fresh and cleaned, peeled, and chopped ready for cooking.  Please see our new webpage for more information on our food sourcing and sustainability initiatives.
  • Is there a meal plan geared towards athletes or other specialized activities (band, art, etc)?

    Yes, we will be offering a daily plain protein during lunches. These will be lean cuts of meat (such as chicken breast, beef, turkey, fish or other) that will be lightly seasoned.  We are also very excited this year to be rolling out a new program called Powering Performance.  
    It will easily identify our menu items not only for Athletes but for other specialized activities and will include 4 pillars for different goals recognizing that every boy is unique and may require different dietary needs. 
    This program will help students easily identify foods they should be eating that will help them with one of four goals/pillars: 
    1. To Strengthen – great for athletes to grow and fortify  
    2. To Focus – great for those in academic clubs or programs such as Band to sharpen minds and have the mental endurance  
    3. To Sustain – to help keep you energized through all of the day’s demands- no more afternoon nap cravings!  
    4. To Recover – great after a hard workout or competition.  Mental and physical rejuvenation.
    Please keep an eye out for this Powering Performance program coming soon!
     Please click here to find out more.

  • Is there a salad bar for lunch?

    There is no self-serve salad bar again for lunch.  We are still being cautious with Covid protocols and therefore we are continuing with having pre-plated salads and cold side items in our salad bars. This will be more of a grab-and-go system just like last year.

Junior School Lunch

Senior School Lunch


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