Service Learning

St. George’s mission statement promotes the responsibility our community has for the betterment of society. Through Service Learning initiatives, students foster an understanding of global issues, and contribute positively to the broader community.

We aim to inspire students to make a lifelong commitment to charitable involvement and to recognize the importance of doing so, particularly from our position of privilege. The equitable emphasis on service and philanthropy demonstrates that the giving of both time and money is relevant in working towards a socially just world.

Taking part in Service Learning initiatives allows students to:

  • develop leadership skills,
  • gain personal satisfaction from helping their community,
  • establish positive contacts,
  • gain work experience,
  • meet new people; and
  • support causes they truly believe in.

Service Award Program

St. George’s Community Service Program consists of five levels and focuses on three major areas:

  • Research – The research element allows students to think critically about the role of volunteers in the school and community, and to think about volunteer roles that would be suited to their needs and interests.
  • Action – The action component is where students complete an assigned number of volunteer hours, both in the school and in the community. A record of service must be filled out by the student.
  • Reflection – Completion of a post-volunteer reflection allows students to think deeply about the impact of the service activity on themselves and the organization with which they worked.

Students are awarded ties or pins after the completion of each level. Levels are defined as follows:

Level Eligible Grades Volunteer Hours Required
1 8-12 20 hours (maximum of 15 completed in the school)
2 9-12 40 hours (maximum of 20 completed in the school)
3 10-12 60 hours (maximum of 25 completed in the school)
4 11-12 80 hours (maximum of 30 completed in the school)
5 12 only 100 hours (maximum of 35 completed in the school) including participation that demonstrates a long-term commitment to a single organization.

Students are required to self-record their volunteer hours in a Record of Community Service booklet. These booklets can be found outside Room 101A, The Service Learning Office. Please note that students must complete each level prior to beginning the subsequent level. If eligible, students can complete more than one level in a school year.

The Global Perspectives and Community Service Club

The Global Perspectives and Community Service club (GPACS), is another key Service Learning initiative at St. George’s School. GPACS is a weekly club that is divided into two distinct branches, Global Perspectives and Community Service; each branch meets on different days to focus on different aspects of Service Learning.

Community Service Club: The Community Service Club meets Tuesday after school. Members tackle a different task each week, ranging from helping in the setup of school events, to garbage pickups in Pacific Spirit Park and our neighbourhood. Members of the Community Service Club are introduced to a wide range of volunteer opportunities and are challenged to spend time thinking about how and why we donate our time.

Global Perspectives Club: The Global Perspectives Club meets twice weekly during lunch to discuss ongoing global issues and plan events tied to those themes. The club is driven by student interest and those students are the impetus behind the organization and execution of various events in the school. The Global Perspectives Club provides students with the chance to discuss topics that interest them, and then turn that discussion into action.

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