Outdoor Education

St. George's School recognizes that the outdoor setting offers a powerful venue for achieving many aspects of the school's educational philosophy. We believe that by taking students away from their everyday, comfortable environment into a place of perceived uncertainty, we can engage students in learning that might not be possible in an urban context or day-program.

Starting in Grade 1, all students at St. George's participate in an outdoor education program at least once a year up until and including Grade 10. In Grade 10, students have the option of a year long cohort based outdoor program called Discovery 10. Activities and programs are designed to be age and skill-appropriate and will challenge students to develop in each of the four objective areas.


The objectives of the school's outdoor education programs can be broken down into four areas: interpersonal and intrapersonal skills; environmental and social awareness; academic integration; and outdoor skills. Activities are designed to follow a continuum of skill development in each of these four areas, developing in complexity over the grades.

Personal Development

Students will:

  • demonstrate respect, responsibility and initiative
  • reflect upon their experiences
  • be collaborative members of a group
  • develop leadership skills
  • build resilience through physical, social and emotional challenge
  • learn strategies to improve wellbeing

Environmental and Social Awareness

Students will:

  • explore their relationship to different places in British Columbia
  • understand and value the interconnectedness of all things
  • develop ecological understanding through many different perspectives, including indigenous
  • demonstrate low-impact practices
  • take action in their own lives to support their position as a global steward

Academic Integration

Students will:

  • participate in cross-curricular, academic learning
  • connect their experiences in the outdoors and in the classroom
  • understand the impact of tools and technology and how they can be used for a positive impact

Outdoor Skills

Students will:

  • experience a variety of self-propelled outdoor activities
  • develop the ability to assess risk and make responsible decisions
  • take action in order to thrive in outdoor settings

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