Throughout the year, every boy is encouraged to sample widely from among the many clubs and activities and to then commit to two or three. Most clubs and activities welcome new participants at any time. Meetings occur at lunchtime or after school and are publicized in the daily announcements.

Clubs and activities provide a great way to make friends of all ages, to observe student leaders in action, to assume a leadership role oneself, and also to get to know faculty members beyond the confines of the classroom and the curriculum.

The best way to learn about a club is to attend a meeting. Additionally, boys can ask their Advisor, Teachers, Schoolmates, or the Teacher Sponsor. Every club and activity requires a Teacher-Sponsor. Some Sponsors are in constant attendance at activities, such as a play with a cast of 40 or 50, while other clubs are largely student managed and welcome drop-in participation.

Some of the fifty plus Clubs & Activities at the Senior Campus are featured below. Click individual clubs below for further information. Please note, the asterisk (*) next to each club indicates eligibility for one term of after school Co-Curricular, instead of OR in addition to a sport.

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  • Admissions Ambassador

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    Club Description:
    Admissions Ambassadors is a club that revolves around the admissions department at the school. As an Ambassador, you give tours to prospective families around the school. This can take place during our morning open houses, or one big information session in the evening. The ambassador program is great for getting service hours and increasing public speaking ability. The program has a budget set entirely for fun activities or the occasional sushi/pizza. The club is a great activity to have on your resume but if that is the only reason for joining you shouldn't come to the introduction meeting. We want people who enjoy the school and want to share that experience. We don't have streamlined statements, you can speak about whatever you feel most passionate about. The introductory meeting will be on September 24 at 12:30 in Room 209. 
  • Foosball

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Mr. Yen '03
    Contact Email(s) and
    Club Description:The Foosball League is a competitive club open to all experienced foosball players from Grades 8-12. Different tournaments are held throughout the year and prizes are awarded.
  • Alley Outreach

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    Club Description:
    We provide goods by collecting donations and personally handing them out by walking the streets of the Downtown Eastside and interacting with the individuals who need clothing, food, and any useful information we can provide. We also have visits to clean injection sites and are exploring more places that we can get involved in throughout the year. 
  • Amnesty International

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Mrs. Dixon
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:We are a group of dedicated human rights activists and letter writers who meet weekly to discuss human rights issues throughout the world and organize monthly letter-writing campaigns in support of prisoners of conscience. Their introductory meeting will take place on Monday lunch in Room 210.
  • Art*

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Mr. O'Connor
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:Every Child is an artist. Let's not cancel youth just yet. They meet Tuesdays and Thursdays after school in the Art Room and Mac Lab.
  • Beekeeping

    Contact Email(s):
    Club Description:It’s terrifying to imagine a bee in your car. You’re stuck in a confined space, with an animal that may sting if provoked. But much of the hate for bees is needless. Honeybees pollinate 70 of the 100 crops which feed about 90% of the world’s population. Without bees, it would be impossible to maintain the world’s population. In the beekeeping club, we take care of several hives of bees and meet twice a week. The club does regular hive inspections, where we don our bee suits and check up on the whereabouts of the queen, nectar and pollen stocks, and much more. And of course, there is always a lot of honey involved.
  • Business Club

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    Club Description:Business Club focuses on developing the essential fundamental skills of business through a case study-oriented program. Open to Grades 8-12’s Business Club is an amazing opportunity for those who are interested in the business realm. Business Club will not only improve your presentation skills but will teach you how to analyze a case, sell yourself/ideas and network with the people around you. Business Club will have many opportunities to attend Business Case Competitions across Vancouver as well as JA Titan simulation tournaments or competitions.
  • Canadian Politics

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    Club Description:In the" Canadian Politics Club", members will meet every Friday lunch from 12:pm-1: 55 pm. Members are given certain political issues ranging from climate change and oil pipelines to gun rights and taxes. However, members must structure their arguments based on Conservative or Liberal viewpoints and beliefs. For the 20 minutes, members will be split into groups of 4 and should research both parties' stance on two political issues that are given. The last 20 minutes is a British Parliamentary System debate. Moreover, every 2 weeks members will try to write speeches for local MPs regarding proposals or solutions to local issues and the speeches will be peer-reviewed before submission. The main goal of this club is to gain both interest and knowledge in Canadian politics while improving public speaking and debate skills.
  • Ceramics*

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Mr. Kyba, Ms. Dian
    Contact Email(s):
    Club Description:Ceramics Club is an open studio for students to create with clay, ideal for students enrolled in ceramics classes to practice their skills or catch up on missed work.  Also available for students new to clay- teachers can introduce basic ideas and pair new students with student mentors. It is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. Please contact Mr. Kyba or Mrs. Dian for any questions.
  • Check in and Chill

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    Club Description:Come learn from experienced yoga teacher and meditation instructor Nolan LaCroix techniques for managing everyday stress and anxiety of a St. George's Student. They meet on Tuesdays at lunch in Room 308.
  • Chinese Culture

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Ms. L. Li
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:Chinese Culture Club (CCC) is committed to promoting awareness of Chinese culture and celebrating the diversity of Saints. It offers opportunities to experience Chinese culture for everyone in the community. Additionally, CCC devotes efforts to provide a welcoming environment for new students with the objective of helping them become active members of Saints community. They meet every Wednesday lunch in Room 109.
  • Data and Computer Science

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    Club Description:
    The goal for this club is to inspire and guide young members to marry our passion with an understanding of data, future trends, and technology, make interesting projects and participate in contests to showcase their knowledge, provide a platform for sophisticated members to discuss their recent findings and knowledge with each other, and make impacting cooperative projects that would combine the skills of many talented members.
  • DestiNation ImagiNation (DINI)*

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Mr. Sherman
    Contact Email(s),
    Club Description:Destination Imagination is a cross-curricular activity that requires teams of 4-7 persons to solve 1 of 6 possible challenges. Challenges may involve theatre, music, sciences, fine arts, technology, engineering and service-learning. Our participants learn patience, flexibility, persistence, ethics, respect for others and their ideas, and the collaborative problem-solving process. Our mission statement is to develop opportunities that inspire the global community of learners to utilize diverse approaches in applying 21st-century skills of communication, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking skills. They meet every Friday lunch in Room 103.
  • Dungeons & Dragons

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    Club Description:
    Dungeons and Dragons Club is a club to introduce students of Saint George’s to tabletop role-playing board games such as DnD, Pathfinder and more! Right now I’m planning on having a veteran campaign and a beginner campaign. The veteran campaign will be hosting all of the members who were apart of the club last year. The beginner campaign will be hosting all of the new members this year and I will be there to monitor and make sure everyone has a good time.
  • Entrepreneurship

    Contact Email(s):
    Club Description:The goal of the club is to create a space for students to enrich their education of business. Instead of primarily focusing on case studies, we will bring in professionals in specific fields to teach students about their stories and how to apply skills. Through creating a business within the school, students can get hands-on experience working through the full business plan, applying the skills they learn, and selling a product. They meet in the Social Commons on Tuesday or Wednesday lunch.
  • Experiment Club

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    Club Description:The Experiment Club(E-Club) is a Friday lunch-hour club where students gather to conduct science experiments. This experiment emphasizes on learning relevant scientific knowledge by approaching relevant experiments with the proper scientific method. The goal of this club is to provide students with educational and rewarding experiments that are not offered in the classroom and to help students familiarize themselves with techniques used in the science industry. We are also supportive of experiment proposals submitted by students. The experiments conducted will be relevant to our world, such as “Formation of Acid Rain” and “Types of Bacteria/Fungus in Public Places”. Students will be able to learn more about their world through these activities. They meet on Friday at 1:20 pm in Room 214. 
  • Film Club

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    Club Description:
    Take a break from the stress of the school day and come enjoy great films. We watch and discuss movies every Thursday lunch at the Norris Theatre and all are welcome.
  • Georgian Yearbook

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Mr. Turton
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:The Georgian Yearbook is an annual publication that chronicles the events of the school year. Each year the Georgian is produced by a dedicated team of student designers, copywriters, and photographers who decide and manage all facets of the book. The Georgian Yearbook is dedicated to teaching and fostering the skills of all members as we work together to create the best publication possible each year. They meet every Tuesdays and Thursdays after school in the Mac lab.
  • Global Perspectives Community Service (GPACS)*

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Ms. Holmen
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:GPACS investigates issues of global stewardship, human rights, and environmental protection, aiming to raise awareness and action in the school.  It is divided into Global Perspectives clubs that meet Tues/Thurs at lunch, and Community Service club that engages in practical tasks around the school and community after school on Wednesday. They meet Tuesday and Thursday lunch in Room 109, and Wednesday after school in Room 101.
  • Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA)

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Ms. Jacobs
    Contact Email(s) or
    Club Description:The Gender and Sexuality Alliance provides a safe, accepting and inclusive community where diversity is celebrated. The club provides an environment for learning, as well as the opportunity for students to engage in discussions, attend social events with other independent GSAs, and participate in educational field trips. The GSA is also responsible for organizing and facilitating the annual LGBTQ2+ Price Week. Everyone welcome!
  • Improv Club

    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:The Improv team is looking for four committed and enthusiastic players for the upcoming 2019-2020 year. We are holding auditions on September Tuesday, 23rd in the Lower Drama Room. No experience with improv is necessary. Just be willing to work with others and have fun!
  • Investment Club

    Website:St. George's Investment Club
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:
    Learn. Invest. Give.
    Founded in 2008 with a generous $50,000 donation from an anonymous benefactor, the St. George’s School Investment Club (SGSIC) connects students who are interested in value investing and provides an opportunity for members to manage a real-money stock portfolio on the TSX, NYSE, and NASDAQ. Since 2008, the club has grown substantially in terms of both portfolio and membership. A key aspect of the SGSIC experience is to generate social and environmental impact by donating all annual profits to non-governmental organizations and social enterprises. The club has also introduced a virtual stock contest and an analyst team system in order to provide members with an opportunity to apply learned concepts. 
  • Maker*

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Mr. Crompton
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:The Maker Club is a group of keen individuals who come together to “make stuff.”  They have a broad set of skills and a wide interest in creating objects in order to perform a function, solve a problem, or simply for the fun of making something.  The types of objects made can range from 3D printed models to wearable technology to games to bookmarks. Because the range of skills required to make the kinds of things that members of the club are so broad, outside experts are drawn in to help teach new skills, supply tools and provide space and materials for the projects. They meet on Mondays and Tuesdays after school as well as Mondays and Fridays at lunch.
  • Medical Science Club

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    Club Description:
    Interested in a career in medicine? The MedFX club offers club members many insightful activities and presentations regarding health sciences as well as volunteering and shadowing opportunities at various medical facilities. All students are welcome.
  • Math Challengers 8 & 9

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Mr. Lovell, Mr. Forseth
    Contact Email(s):
    Club Description:Math Challengers (Grades 8 & 9) focuses on preparations for competitions in February, March, and April.
  • OPUS

    Contact Email(s):
    Club Description:The Opus is a student-designed publication that showcases the artistic and literary efforts of members of the St. George’s Senior School community. The publication is an entity that unites the student community as well as values and fosters creativity. The production of and the act of contributing to The Opus provides students with real-life experience in the world of publishing and design, valuing and fostering creativity whilst connecting to the world of advertising and developing leadership skills in the compilation’s lead staff each year.
  • Portfolio (Art)*

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Mr. Wilke
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:Portfolio Club is a club designed to help students prepare a portfolio of art for university and/or art school acceptance.  It culminates with Portfolio Day which presents an opportunity to have your portfolio reviewed by major art schools from around the world on November 15th.
  • Model United Nations (MUN)*

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Mr. Vytasek
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:Saints Conference Model United Nations is a co-curricular student-led club that promotes critical and creative engagement in local and global issues and prepares students to attend conferences where they work with peers from around the world to solve the most pressing issues of the day.
  • Project Somos Skype Tutoring

    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:We are partnered with a group of school children in Project Somos - Guatemala. We tutor them basic English and practice simple conversations with them using Google Hangouts (a form of Skype). Some knowledge of Spanish a definite asset as many of the Guatemalan students and teachers do not know English. This is a continuation of last year's club and last year’s group of children. They meet in Room 306 on Thursdays at 12:35 pm. 
  • RC Airplane Club

    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:          The RC Airplane Club is a hands-on, engineering-based club, where the goal is to give everyone the skills necessary to design, build, and fly their own remote-controlled airplanes, as well as gain an understanding of the principles of flight. This term, every student will get the chance to build their own planes and gain some flight simulator time, with the goal of flying their own planes as soon as possible. From there, the year is up to you! We can build larger planes, host team challenge events, and hone our flying skills. The RC airplane club is the perfect place for any aspiring engineers, or anyone interested in mechanics, electronics, the design and build process, and just flying planes!
  • Saints Conference Model UN

    Application Link:Conference MUN 2019-20 Application
    Club Description:Saints Conference Model UN is a co-curricular club that promotes critical engagement in local and global issues and prepares students to attend conferences where they work with peers from around the world to solve the most pressing issues of the day.
  • Saints Debate*

    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:Whether you're interested in public speaking and proving to other people that they are irrevocably wrong, if you have a complex and relish feelings of superiority after winning an argument, traveling to cities around Canada, or simply enjoy hanging out with friends and eating pizza, Saints Debate is the place for you. With an experienced instructor that has numerous accolades, including judging at World Championships and being a coach of the Danish national team, Saints Debate encourages students of all skill levels to come and explore the dynamic styles of the Canadian National Debate Format and British Parliamentary. Saints Debate participates at the UBC High School Tournaments (Fall and Spring), Hart House in Toronto, BP Qualifiers, Regionals, Provincials, and regular Pizza Debates with Crofton House.
  • Saints Marketing

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    Club Description:
    The Saints Marketing Club specializes in helping clubs at St.George’s school as well as other local non-profit organizations with campaign strategies, logo designs, as well as website designs. Our weekly meetings tend to focus on all sorts of logistics for our upcoming project. Students can find themselves assigned with tasks such as content writing, photoshopping, and creating layouts for different clubs and organizations based on their specialties and interests. They meet on Tuesday in the Media Arts Lab.
  • Schoolreach

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Ms. Mori
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:Students from Grade 8 to 12 are invited to join practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12.30 p.m. in Room 230.  Come and match your wits with other students, as you play the quiz game that spawned Jeopardy. No experience necessary. 
  • Sew You Think You Can Cook

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Ms.Peters
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:Sewing one day, cooking the other. The club starts in Term 2.
  • STEM Club

    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:Saints STEM is a lunch-hour club where students meet weekly to learn and discuss inquiry-based Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). This club also focuses on hands-on labs, recent cutting-edge technologies, contest preparation, and science fairs. Saints STEM is a place to explore and further your interest in all forms of science with your peers and is suited for students of all grades and experience. Students will familiarize themselves with scientific methods and innovations not taught in the classroom. Senior mentorship is available and provided for any contest and science fair preparation. Science Week in February is one of the club’s highlights that will feature guest speakers and live demonstrations. NEW: Saints STEM will occasionally collaborate with Crofton STEM on after-school labs later in the year; we will also work with GPACS to address the multidisciplinary issues facing our planet today. They meet on Monday lunch in Room 214.
  • Tabletop Games

    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:Want a break from the constant pile of school work? Join us at the tabletop games club where we’ll meet to play and learn many different tabletop games in your lunchtime. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to play because we will teach every game we play.
  • Vocal Music Club

    Contact Email(s) 
    Club Description:Our club is focused on creating music and enjoying music. (hip-hop, popular music, etc) They meet on Friday lunchtime in Room 104.
  • Writing Club

    Contact Email(s):
    Club Description:This brand new club to Saints is the perfect club for students who are passionate about writing. Whether it be creative writing (poetry, short stories), classical literature, or spoken arts, anyone is welcome to our casual and weekly meetings. There’ll be poets, speakers, and writers who will come instill us with their experience and knowledge, give us feedback about any works students have, or just to answer questions. There will be field trips, student-lead presentations and discussions, which are all potential avenues to explore within the club. More information will come soon.
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