Throughout the year, every boy is encouraged to sample widely from among the many clubs and activities and to then commit to two or three. Most clubs and activities welcome new participants at any time. Meetings occur at lunchtime or after school and are publicized in the daily announcements.

Clubs and activities provide a great way to make friends of all ages, to observe student leaders in action, to assume a leadership role oneself, and also to get to know faculty members beyond the confines of the classroom and the curriculum.

The best way to learn about a club is to attend a meeting. Additionally, boys can ask their Advisor, Teachers, Schoolmates, or the Teacher Sponsor. Every club and activity requires a Teacher-Sponsor. Some Sponsors are in constant attendance at activities, such as a play with a cast of 40 or 50, while other clubs are largely student managed and welcome drop-in participation.

Some of the fifty plus Clubs & Activities at the Senior Campus are featured below. Click individual clubs below for further information. Please note, the asterisk (*) next to each club indicates eligibility for one term of after school Co-Curricular, instead of OR in addition to a sport.

List of 50 items.

  • Amnesty International

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Mrs. Dixon
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:Amnesty international is worldwide movement of people dedicated to the protection and promotion of human rights. The organization mobilizes public pressure to stop the violations around the world. The Saints club is actively involved in this effort with the Vancouver Chapter.
  • Anime, Comic, Games

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Ms. Li
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:Our club goal is simple, to watch anime, read comics, and play games!
    Additional Information:Members (by March 2013): 16 
    Chair person: Howard Song 
    Meeting time: Lunch on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 
    Location: Room #306 / Theatre
  • Art*

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Mr. O'Connor, Ms. Pavlovic, Mr. Wilke
    Contact Email(s):
    Club Description:
    The Art Club is an open studio concept on long lunches -Tuesday and Thursday, all year. Although the Art Club has been running in the traditional upper art room for several years, it has been “unofficially” available in the Mac Lab as well. Open to all students who wish to explore their own works in a digital format, the Art Club also provides a venue for students to enhance their school projects from not only Art, but multiple curricular areas in the school.  With a knowledgeable staff member present students are able to gain assistance for graphic design and poster creation, video editing, animations, and a wide variety of image creation with the multiple media arts software provided. A veritable toy store of equipment is available, from digital still and video cameras, tripods, greenscreens, scanners, laser printers, copy stands, lighting and Cintiq screens. Upon request, a poster printer is also available for those “special” projects. 
  • Athletic Trainers

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Mr. Figueroa
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:
  • Bee Keeping & Organic Gardening*

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Mr. Duhme
    Contact Email(s):
    Club Description:“If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, [humans] would only have four years left to live.” –Albert Einstein.

    Indeed, bees pollinate 70% of the world’s food supply. And the honeybee is one of our most important pollinators. At the Saints’ Beekeeping and Gardening Club, students meet this fascinating creature both in the hive and in the garden.

    In this lunchtime club, students developed skills in keeping honeybees and tending organic gardens. We studied bee and plant ecology, integrated pest management, hive management, wax production, and honey production. Students also worked in the lab with microscopes, honey-extractors, and wax-melting equipment. During harvest season, students also took home a variety of vegetable produce, small jars of honey, beeswaxcandles, and lipbalm.
    Next year, we intend to expand our honey and waxwork production to sell at the May Fair.
  • Business

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Mrs. Orr
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:
  • Ceramics*

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Mr. Kyba, Ms. Dian, Ms. Pavlovic
    Contact Email(s):
    Club Description:
    Ceramics Club is very informal, with most boys practicing their wheel throwing, sculpture and glazing skills. More than anything it is a time and place for boys to socialize in a mixed grade setting. There is always a lot of collaborative problem solving and conversations about "how did you do that?!".

    It is a place where boys can create something with their hands and challenge their minds in a creative sense. While the club is an extension of the classes, neither would be as successful without the other. In our grading rubrics "studio community" is a major consideration (your behaviour in relation to the larger studio). Just as the potter's of old were usually family affairs, so too the ceramics club has a bit of a family feel, with a huge diversity of family members.
  • Chess & Go

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Ms. Bassett
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:
    Chess and Go sets are available in room 308 which is reserved for this club most Tuesdays at lunchtime.
  • Chinese Culture

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Ms. L. Li
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:Chinese Culture Club (CCC) is committed to promoting awareness of Chinese culture and celebrating diversity of Saints. It offers opportunities to experience Chinese culture for everyone in the community. Additionally, CCC devotes efforts to provide a welcoming environment for new students with the objective of helping them become active members of Saints community.
  • Classics Exams/Classical League/Latin

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Mrs. Mori
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:Junior Classical League (once a year convention weekend); National Latin Exam (Latin students); National Mythology Exam (all Grade 8 and 9 students); Medusa Exam (all Grade 9 - 12 students); Classical Association of Canada Sight Translation Competition (Latin 11/12 students).
  • Contemporary Design Club

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Mrs. LeBlanc
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:Members gain a deeper understanding of design and architecture by engaging with materials not readily available outside of school. In the first term, the club will focus on the basic knowledge and skills for designers and architects. After each term, we will reassess how the members are developing, and, together with input from our members, will tailor the material for the following term. Guest speakers events will be a common occurrence, and visits to architecture firms are already planned for hands-on experience to further explore contemporary design.
  • Debate*

    Teacher Sponsor (s):Ms. Woodruff
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:
  • Destination Imagination (DINI)*

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Mr. Sherman, Ms. Holmen
    Contact Email(s),
    Club Description:Destination Imagination is a cross-curricular activity that requires teams of 4-7 persons to solve 1 of 5 possible challenges. They may be required to build a structure that will hold weight or a machine that can perform certain tasks. Other challenges involve improvisational theatre, music, science and art. The 4 key learning outcomes of a Destination Imagination challenge dovetail nicely with 21st century learning in that students develop communication, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking skills. It is for this reason that DI enthusiasts often refer to the program as the best education your child will ever have. DINI meets in room 103 Fridays at Lunch. Teams use this time to work on their challenge solutions. There are 3 major competitions each year: Regionals (March), Provincials (April) and the Globals (May)
  • Duke of Edinburgh

    Teacher Sponsor(s):TBA
    Contact Email(s):TBA
    Club Description:
    The Duke of Edinburgh Award is an internationally recognized award system for youth aged 14 – 25.

    The award is divided into three levels:
    • Bronze – age 14 and older; minimum 6 months to complete
    • Silver – age 15 and older; minimum 6 months with Bronze, 12 months Direct Entry
    • Gold – age 16 and older; minimum 12 months with Silver, 18 months Direct Entry
    There are four sections that a student must complete in order to obtain the award: Service, Physical Recreation, Skills and Adventurous journey.

    The service component helps to support your community and connect with people. Service that is used towards school service ties can also count for the award. Examples include volunteering at the library, a seniors home, non-profit organization, etc.

    Physical Recreation
    The physical recreation component helps you be healthy and active. Your games choice will count towards this requirement. You can have your coach sign your book at the end of the term. Examples include splaying sports, running, going to the gym, etc.

    The skill section means working at something that you are passionate about. This component requires that a student participate in a non-sporting activity that you can practice and improve in. You may use a skill that you work on at school, but it must involve time outside of class. Examples include: art club, ceramics club, cooking, etc.

    Adventurous Journey
    The Adventurous Journey allows you the chance to explore nature and discovery the world around you. Explorer trips count towards the Bronze level expedition. Sea to Sky 10 counts towards the Silver level expedition.

    At the Gold Level there is one extra section, the Residential Project
    The Residential Project asks you to spend give days in a new place with new people. Examples include academic exchanges, language immersions, youth conferences, etc.
  • Dungeons & Dragons

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Mr. Moens
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:
    In this club, we play a tabletop role-playing game known as dungeons and dragons. We’re open to both serious and non-serious players. This year, we will be focusing on more traditional game-play as well as more humour-oriented game-play.
    Additional Information: 
    Co-Chairs: Joey Hector, Michael Slater, Carson Feser, and Burak Clancy.           
    Meeting Times: Mondays and Tuesdays at Lunch
    Location: Trophy Room
  • Each One Teach One

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Mr. Lee, Mr. Ross
    Contact Email(s):
    Club Description:The St. George’s student mentors are paired with students from Alderwood's intensive family-based treatment program, Admiral Seymour Elementary School and Windermere Secondary’s Life Skills program. This mentorship role helps to cultivate a sense of empathy and responsibility for our mentors in addition to positively impacting the lives of students who are often marginalized and who face a myriad of life challenges. The scheduled “buddy” interactions are organized around teaching and learning activities that occur approximately once per month throughout the school year. These activity-based field trips take place at St. George’s School, at our partner school’s campus or at a designated off-campus site. The group activities include (not restricted to) swimming at Saints, art projects, science experiments, visits to the Aquarium, tobogganing & skating at Cypress Mountain,  and various community service activities.
  • Foosball

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Mr. Yen
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:The Foosball League is open to all experienced foosball players in grades 8-12, in addition to faculty. Many tournaments, both 1v1 and 2v2, are held throughout the year in hopes of creating a more competitive environment for more experienced foosball players in our school.
  • Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA)

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Ms. Jacobs
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:The Gender and Sexuality Alliance provides a safe, accepting and inclusive community where diversity is celebrated. The club provides an environment for learning, as well as the opportunity for students to engage in discussions, attend social events with other independent GSA's, and participate in educational field trips. The GSA is also responsible for organizing and facilitating the annual LGBTQ2+ Price Week. Everyone welcome!
  • Georgian Yearbook*

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Mr. Donnici & Mr. Turton
    Contact Email(s) 
    Club Description:
    The Georgian Yearbook is a rewarding extra-curricular activity for those  students who are interested in journalism, design and photography. It involves documenting both the annual events and the day-to-day life of the school,  and capturing those priceless moments in time. The end product is a published book that is shared by both the Junior and Senior Schools and that becomes an important addition to the school archives. The Yearbook is a stimulating club for those interested in being involved in this creative process.
  • German Culture

    Teacher Sponsor(s): Ms. Wessler 
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:
  • Global Perspectives Community Service (GPACS)*

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Ms. Holmen
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:In GPACS, students from Grades 8-12 meet weekly to discuss Human Rights, Global Issues, Local Issues, and the Environment, take action locally, create awareness, and raise money for charitable organizations.
  • Green Machine Recycling*

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Mr. Martin, Ms. Kelly
    Contact Email(s):
    Club Description:The Green Machine is essentially the recycling club for the Senior School. We usually have 10 to 12 members who collect all the paper and other recyclables (pop cans, toner cartridges, batteries, etc), on a weekly basis. We meet every Thursday an Friday mornings just before 8:00 am in the Great Hall. After a year and a half of dedicated service one is eligible for a Green Machine tie.
  • Guitar (Term 3)

    Teacher Sponsor:Mr. Benny
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:
  • Improv (Term 2)*

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Ms. Konopaki
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:The improv club is a lunchtime club open to all grade levels and of all experience levels. We learn and play improv games in a friendly, non-competitive environment. 
  • Investment Club

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Mr. Lovell
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:Students meet weekly to learn about investing principles and to discuss which stocks to buy or sell in their Toronto Stock Exchange portfolio. Profits are donated to charity at the end of the school year.
  • Law Club

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Mr. Becott, Dr. Hughes, Ms. Wessler
    Contact Email(s) 
    Club Description:The Law Club meets once a week and in that time we debate current issues in law, bring in visiting speakers, and participate in mock trials. There is the possibility of a visit to the Law Courts downtown. The club is open to everyone but can be of particular use to those taking Law 12. 
  • Library Monitors

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Ms. Dahlberg
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:
    Library Monitors are trained to perform Circulation Desk and Shelving duties. For example, they ‘check in and check out’ library books and other items to school patrons, renew items, place and process holds, and help patrons find library items. Other tasks assigned may be helping set up displays, creating promotional materials, tidying shelves, assisting with holiday decorating, recommending book titles, writing book reviews, etc.

    On completion of 25 hours of continuous service, Library Monitors are eligible to receive a Library Monitor tie, first year standing.  A second year standing tie is given after an additional 25 hours of service.  There is a Library Monitor of the Month program which acknowledges productivity with the award of a gift card from Chapters Book Store.

    Library Monitors or ‘student librarians’ as previously called, have been involved since the start of the school’s libraries, 80 some years ago.  Their efforts continue to provide valuable assistance with the daily functioning of the library.
  • Life Drawing

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Mrs. LeBlanc
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:
  • Makers*

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Mr. Crompton
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:The maker club is a group of keen individuals who come together to “make stuff.”  They have a broad set of skills and a wide interest in creating objects in order to perform a function, solve a problem, or simply for the fun of making something.  The types of objects made can range from 3D printed models to wearable technology to games to bookmarks.  Because the range of skills required to make the kinds of things that members of the club is so broad, outside experts are drawn in to help teach new skills, supply tools and provide space and materials for the projects.
  • Math Challengers 8 & 9

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Mr. Lovell, Mr. Forseth
    Contact Email(s):
    Club Description:Math Challengers (Grades 8 & 9) focuses on preparations for competitions in February, March, and April.
  • Model United Nations (MUN)*

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Mr. Vytasek
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:Saints Conference Model United Nations is a co-curricular student-led club that promotes critical and creative engagement in local and global issues and prepares students to attend conferences where they work with peers from around the world to solve the most pressing issues of the day.
  • Odd Squad Peer to Peer Mentorship

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Ms. Pollock, Mr. Webster
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:The Odd Squad Peer to Peer program is run by members of the Vancouver Police Department and begins with a seminar at their office. Students in grade 11 and 12 are eligible to sign up, and begin by learning about the legal, physical, emotional and social consequences of drug use and addiction; the cycle of poverty, incarceration and drug abuse; and the links between drugs, gangs, and crime. Following this workshop, students are escorted by members of the VPD onto the street where they have an opportunity to further see, and hear about, some of the ravages of addiction.

    Once the day is complete, participating students will also have the opportunity to share their learning by means of a presentation to fellow students at the junior school. In previous years our students have reported that the experience is both eye-opening and impactful, and they are keen to imbue their younger peers with some of what they have learned.
  • Open Studio Art

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Mr. O'Connor
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:
  • OPUS Literary and Art Publication (Leaders Term 2)*

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Ms. Gin, Mr. Elliott
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:
    The Opus is a student-designed publication that showcases the artistic and literary efforts of members of the St. George’s Senior School community. The publication is an entity that unites the student community as well as values and fosters creativity. The production of, and the act of contributing to The Opus, provides students with real-life experience in the world of publishing and design, valuing and fostering creativity whilst connecting to the world of advertising and developing leadership skills in the compilation’s lead staff each year.
    Along with the benefit this publication provides to the boys directly involved in its creation, The Opus is a means through which other students may develop and showcase their artistic and literary accomplishments. The Opus also helps develop and maintain cross-curricular links between the English and Art departments of the school, and serves to unite our community through this celebration of student work.
  • Peer Tutoring

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Ms. Jacobs
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:
  • Philosophy

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Mr. Hillis 
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:
  • Portfolio (Art)*

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Mr. Wilke
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:
    Open to all students interested in developing a portfolio of artwork. For students who have the intention of applying to art schools and other postsecondary institutions that may require a portfolio. Meet once to twice a week in the art studio to discuss how to prepare a portfolio, properly photograph a portfolio, attend lifedrawing, the specific requirements of various art schools, sketchbooks, various mediums, and the selection of pieces. The sessions culminate in the visitation of world-renowned art schools in early December. Serious grade 11 and 12 students are encouraged to have their work assessed by at least seven of these schools on “Portfolio Day”. The invaluable feedback provides the students with tools to fine tune and adjust their portfolios for the pending applications to specific schools. More often than not, schools offer acceptance on the spot by “waiving” the portfolio requirement of the application process due to the high quality of our students work.
    There are usually about 15 students who take part in Portfolio Day, and approx. 20 who attend the club in all.
  • Public Speaking*

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Ms. Warner
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:
  • Radio Control

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Mr. Hesketh
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:          The Radio Control Club offers students the opportunity to build and fly radio-controlled planes. The club meets weekly at lunch to build the planes and practice flight with a simulator. Several times each year, the club meets on the weekend with the Richmond RC flyers Club to fly at Manoah Steves Elementary School.
  • Robotics/Technology*

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Mr. Kay
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:The goal of the club is to develop mechanical, electronics, computer science, website and multimedia skills for the purpose of competing in robotics competitions.
  • Saints' Players Theatre Co.*

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Mr. Wisden, Mr. Fredeman
    Contact Email(s),
    Club Description:Saints’ Players Theatre is the after-school flagship of the Theatre Arts Program at St. George’s, spanning junior, middle and senior grades. Saint’s Players prides itself in offering professional level facilities, directing and costuming, and the students involved will find themselves raising their game in both acting and technical aspects to match the production quality. Auditions are open to all actors, not just those enrolled in the curriculum theatre program and we are pleased to host sister schools in these auditions to fill female roles. This past year Saints’ Players ‘employed’ nearly 110 actors and 30 technicians from the student ranks and all 3 main stage shows were highly successful and well attended. Parents will find that there is room for them too, in the ranks of the theatre volunteers, whether in costume construction or properties building and finding or in the hair and make up department, getting the kids ready for the bright lights. It’s a whole family affair! Students will find notices of auditions on the announcements screens and on our website, details can be obtained from the director in charge of the show. So if you have a hankering for the big time, Saints’ Players will give you a full taste of show biz!
  • Saints’ STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math)

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Mrs. Murray
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:Saints STEM is the home of the students who love all things Science related. This club is open to all students in grades 8-12. There are many components to the club. One major component is Science Fair. Saints STEM hosts bimonthly science fair meetings that walk students through how to do a science fair from beginning to end. We look forward to having you come and join us!
  • Schoolreach Quiz Teams

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Ms. Mori, Mr. Lovell
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:Join the quiz game most like Jeopardy! Test your trivia skills! There are two levels, Junior and Senior. We play regular season games with other schools throughout first and second terms and culminate with Provincials and Nationals.
  • Sew You Can Cook Club!

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Ms. Peters
    Contact E-mail(s)
    Club Description:
    Important life skills needed to take care of yourself, like:

    • How to cook something besides grilled cheese or ramen
    • How to bake someone a cake
    • How to iron your own shirt
    • How to sew on a button
    • How to create and sew something you can wear or use
  • Tabletop Games

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Mr. Turton
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:The Tabletop Games club is dedicated to getting together and enjoying a wide variety of games. We play board games, card games and much more come join us at lunch and learn to play something new!
  • University Essay Workshops

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Mr. Griffin, Ms. Wessler
    Contact Email(s):
    Club Description:
  • Ventures 34th Scout Group

    Teacher Sponsor(s):TBA
    Contact Email(s):TBA
    Club Description:The 34th Scouts Group meets on Monday at the Junior School in the Blackmore Gym.

    5:00 pm – 6:30 pm (Scouts - Grade 8-9)
    5:00 – 7:00 pm (Ventures - Grade 10-11)

    The 34th Scout Troop is one of the oldest co-curricular activities offered at the school and first appeared at the school in 1932.

    The 34th Scout 
    Troop has all age levels beginning with Beaver Colony (Grades 1-3), Cub Pack, Scouts and Ventures. Students in Grades 8-12 are welcome to join Scouts or Ventures. The program builds on the Core Values of the School 
    and gives students experiences in the great outdoors (tenting, backpacking, hiking, kayaking etc). There are many leadership opportunities for Scouts and Ventures. Participants at all levels work on the Canadian Pathway Program and one of the goals are for Scouters to achieve their Scouter Awards and 
    Website:34th Scouts Group
  • Vocal Music

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Mr. Sherman
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:
    Boys gather to practice and perform singing.
  • Wind Ensemble*

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Mr. Markel
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:
  • Woodworking

    Teacher Sponsor(s):Mr. Ross
    Contact Email(s)
    Club Description:
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