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This page is dedicated to posting past results and highlighting the outstanding historical performances in the All-Time Records and Rankings. The Records and Rankings are current to the best of our knowledge. If you have any further information that can be added to the information below, please contact Neil Jones, Head of Aquatics, at


Most ISA, Zone, and Provincial results are posted on the Meet Mobile
app.  Please download it from your app store.  Some past BCSS results are also at BC Aquatics.  


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List of 10 items.

  • 50m Freestyle

    1st0:23.90Gareth Jones '1612BBCHS2015
    2nd0:24.04Edward Zhao '1212ABCHS2011
    3rd0:24.23Edison Jyang '1112ABCHS2010
    4th0:24.35Brandon de Costa '1412ABCHS2013
    5th0:24.45Brian Lo '1210ABCHS2009
    6th0:24.46Sam Shen '1712ABCHS2016
    7th0:24.64Michael Mitchell '1812ABCHS2017
    8th0:24.67Jason Carter '0912ABCHS2008
    9th0:24.77Grant Jones '1112BBCHS2010
    10th0:24.81Harry Duan '1612ABCHS2015
    11th0:24.81Fraser Roberts '0712AISA2006
    12th0:25.01Marc Sze '0311AVanREG2001
    13th0:25.05Jaeten Gosal '1312ABCHS2012
    14th0:25.07Desmond Jung '0912BBCHS2008
    15th0:25.15Peiyu Song '1911BVanREG2017
    16th0:25.23Joel Goh '2010ABCHS2017
    17th0:25.34Nicholas Huen '1711BVanREG2015
    18th0:25.36Harvey Lee '1712BBCHS2016
    19th0:25.43Mark ChuaBBCHS1994
    20th0:25.45Tyler Chiu '1512BBCHS2014
    21st0:25.47Andrew Lai '1411BBCHS2012
    22nd0:25.50Bill Lin '1411ATimeTrials2012
    23rd0:25.60Allan Jiang '1512ABCHS2014
    24th0:25.66Timothy Ho '1211BBCHS2010
    25th0:25.68Kent Jones '0912BVanREG2008
    26th0:25.70Julian Chan '0811ABCHS2006
    27th0:25.71Andrew Zhang '1911ATimeTrials2017
    28th0:25.76David Do '1512BVanREG2014
    29th0:25.86Joe Zhang '1812ATimeTrials2017
    30th0:25.91Joey Wu '9912ABCHS1998
  • 50m Butterfly

    1st0:26.46Andrew Zhang '1911ATimeTrials2017
    2nd0:26.70Grant Jones '1112BBCHS2010
    3rd0:26.94Brandon de Costa '1412ATime Trial2013
    4th0:27.04Michael Mitchell '1812ATimeTrials2017
    5th0:27.10Edison Jyang '1112ABCHS2010
    6th0:27.34Stephen Zheng '1212ABCHS2011
    7th0:27.34Joe Goh '2010ASaints Classic2017
    8th0:27.37Bill Lin '1412ABCHS2013
    9th0:27.70Sam Shen '1711ATimeTrials2015
    10th0:27.91Andy Chu '0912ABCHS2008
    11th0:27.99John Carline '9211BBCHS1990
    12th0:28.13Andrew Lai '1412BBCHS2013
    13th0:28.17Joe Zhang '1811ABCHS2016
    14th0:28.26David Cai '1911ABCHS2017
    15th0:28.43Harry Duan '1611AISA2014
    16th0:28.49Josiah Tsang '1210BVanREG2009
    17th0:28.56Harvey Lee '1712BISA2016
    18th0:28.64Kevin Yu '1211AISA2010
    19th0:28.67Allan Jone '0911BBCHS2007
    20th0:28.79David Loretto '0712BBCHS2006
  • 50m Breaststroke

    1st0:30.40Harry Duan '1611ABCHS2014
    2nd0:30.60Joe Zhang '1812ABCHS2017
    3rd0:30.70Brian Lo '1212ABCHS2011
    4th0:30.74Paul Wang '1612BBCHS2015
    5th0:31.31Sam Shen '1712ABCHS2016
    6th0:31.32Julian Chan '0812ABCHS2007
    7th0:31.41Leo Shen '1412BBCHS2013
    8th0:31.60Johannes Tsang '0812BBCHS2007
    9th0:31.75Roderick Moy '1512BBCHS2014
    10th0:32.00Cameron Howie '1212BBCHS2011
    11th0:32.09Desmond Jung '0912BBCHS2008
    12th0:32.13Newton Szeto '1911BBCHS2017
    13th0:32.32Wayland Wang '1911ABCHS2017
    14th0:32.41Edward Wong '1812BVanREG2017
    15th0:32.68Kyron Winklemeyer '0212BBCHS2001
    16th0:32.76Joel Goh '2010ASaints Classic2017
    17th0:33.06Michael Wong .1212AVanREG2011
    18th0:33.14Ace Choi '2010BBCHS2017
    19th0:33.18Peter Zhang '219ABCHS2017
    20th0:33.23Josiah Tsang '1211BBCHS2010
  • 50m Backstroke

    1st0:26.37Brandon de Costa '1412ABCHS2013
    2nd0:27.79Michael Mitchell '1811ABCHS2016
    3rd0:28.15Colin Mitchell '1512ABCHS2014
    4th0:28.29Edward Zhao '1211AISA2010
    5th0:28.58Joseph Kim-Suzuki '0911BBCHS2007
    6th0:28.66Liam Finlay '0912BBCHS2008
    7th0:28.75Andrew Zhang '1910ABCHS2016
    8th0:28.84Kent Jones '0912BBCHS2008
    9th0:28.89Mike Zhang '1612BBCHS2015
    10th0:28.96Grant Jones '1112BBCHS2010
    11th0:29.45Fraser Roberts '0711ABCHS2005
    12th0:29.51Joshua Yeo '2010ABCHS2017
    13th0:29.57Reggie Wirahardja '1211AISA2010
    14th0:30.02Bill Lin '1411ATimeTrials2012
    15th0:30.30Sam Shen '1711ATimeTrials2015
    16th0:30.31Wade Mitchell '8912BBCHS1988
    17th0:30.34Brandon Tsang '1511BBCHS2013
    18th0:30.37Chris Lee '0712ABCHS2006
    19th0:30.39William Lin '1911BBCHS2017
    20th0:30.48Cole Needham '1911BTimeTrials2017
  • 100m Backstroke

    1st0:56.52Brandon de Costa '1412ABCHS2013
    2nd0:59.26Desmond Strelzow '0312ABCHS2002
    3rd1:00.33Michael Mitchell '1811ABCHS2016
    4th1:02.31Andrew Zhang '199AVanREG2015
    5th1:03.07G. MillerABCHS1989
    6th1:03.24Reggie Wirahardja '1211ABCHS2010
    7th1:03.59Joshua Yeo '2010ABCHS2017
    8th1:04.47Byron LoABCHS1999
    9th1:06.23Steven Zheng '1210AVanREG2009
    10th1:06.52Kyrylo Keydanskyy '1612ABCHS2015
  • 100m Breaststroke

    1st1:04.47Harry Duan '1612ABCHS2015
    2nd1:04.72Joe Zhang '1812ABCHS2017
    3rd1:06.05Ian Chan '0112ABCHS2000
    4th1:06.45Julian Chan '0812ABCHS2007
    5th1:06.76Brian Lo '1212ABCHS2011
    6th1:07.16Sam Shen '1712AVan Reg2016
    7th1:08.22Jason Strelzow '0012ABCHS1999
    8th1:08.74Wayland Wang '1911ABCHS2017
    9th1:09.78Justin Ng '0811ABCHS2006
    10th1:10.46Peter Zhang '219ABCHS2017
  • 100m Butterfly

    1st0:56.96Edison Jyang '1112ABCHS2010
    2nd0:58.54Stephen Zheng '1212ABCHS2011
    3rd0:58.59Andrew Zhang '1911ABCHS2017
    4th0:59.28Andy Chu '0912ABCHS2008
    5th0:59.37Joel Goh '209ABCHS2016
    6th1:00.40Butch Batchelor '7611ABCHS1974
    7th1:00.56G. MillerABCHS1989
    8th1:00.99David Cai '1911ABCHS2017
    9th1:02.99Kevin Yu '1211AISA2010
    10th1:04.50Roland Huang '1512ABCHS
  • 100m Freestlye

    1st0:52.21Edward Zhao '1212ABCHS2011
    2nd0:52.31Fraser Roberts '0711ABCHS2005
    3rd0:52.44Jason Strelzow '0011ABCHS1998
    4th0:52.73Brandon de Costa '1412ABCHS2013
    5th0:53.40Sam Shen '1712ABCHS2016
    6th0:53.81Mark Sze '0312ABCHS2002
    7th0:53.95Kevin Yu '1212ABCHS2011
    8th0:54.00Michael Mitchell '1812ABCHS2017
    9th0:54.09Harry Duan '1612ABCHS2015
    10th0:54.33Grant Jones '1112BBCHS2010
    11th0:54.67Andrew Zhang '1911AVanREG2017
    12th0:54.87Julian Chan '0811ABCHS2006
    13th0:54.93Joel Goh '2010ABCHS2017
    14th0:55.00Gareth Jones '1612BBCHS2015
    15th0:55.01Brian Lo '1212ABCHS2011
    16th0:55.39Joey Wu '9911ABCHS1997
    17th0:55.40Harvey Lee '1712BBCHS2016
    18th0:55.42Wayland Wang '1911AVanREG2017
    19th0:55.46Edison Jyang '1111AVanREG2009
    20th0:55.73Bill Lin '1412AISA2013
    21st0:55.75Simon Lim '0612BBCHS2005
    22nd0:55.87Chris Lee '0712ABCHS2006
    23rd0:56.17Colin Mitchell '1512ABCHS2014
    24th0:56.33Matthew Lee '1512AVanREG2014
    25th0:56.83Wade Mitchell '8912BBCHS1988
    26th0:57.00Andy Chu '0910ABCHS2006
    27th0:57.02Jason Carter '0911BBCHS2007
    28th0:57.15Andrew Lai '1411BBCHS2012
    29th0:57.31Francis Zhan '1712BBCHS2016
  • 100m Individual Medley

    1st1:02.04Joe Zhang '1812ATimeTrials2017
    2nd1:02.36Kent Jones '0912BBCHS2008
    3rd1:05.22Wayland Wang '1911ATimeTrials2017
    4th1:05.66Marlow Nicol '0912BBCHS2008
    5th1:07.04Justin Liew '9612BBCHS1995
    6th1:07.47William Lin '1911BBCHS2017
    7th1:07.58Thomas Huen '1911BBCHS2017
    8th1:08.03Harvey Lee '1710BBCHS2014
    9th1:08.75Tony Lee '1210BVanREG2009
    10th1:09.14Leo Shen '1410BBCHS2011
    11th1:09.18Peiyu Song11BISA2017
    12th1:09.48Ace Choi '2010BISA2017
    13th1:10.06Melvin So '0412BBCHS2003
    14th1:10.22Thomas Yang '1412BBCHS2013
    15th1:10.90Peter Zhang '219ATimeTrials2017
    16th1:11.14Newton Szeto '1910BBCHS2016
    17th1:11.30David Cai '1911ATimeTrials2017
    18th1:13.49Adrian Ng '1911ATimeTrials2017
    19th1:14.62Derek Shi '1910BISA2016
  • 200m Individual Medley

    1st2:08.88Joe Zhang '1811ABCHS2016
    2nd2:12.10Harry Duan '1611AISA2014
    3rd2:12.21Bill Lin '1412ABCHS2013
    4th2:13.86Sam Shen '1712AISA2016
    5th2:15.69Andy Chu '0812ABCHS2007
    6th2:15.74G. MillerABCHS1989
    7th2:17.22Wayland Wang '1911ABCHS2017
    8th2:19.71John McArthur '9110ABCHS1988
    9th2:19.98Tim Hindmarch-Watson '0112ABCHS2000
    10th2:20.11Matt Sze '0611ABCHS2004


List of 3 members.

  • Photo of Neil Jones

    Neil Jones 

    Head of Aquatics
  • Photo of Hanna Pierse

    Hanna Pierse 

    Administrative Assistant Athletics
  • Andrew Conroy 09

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