Visual Arts

Engaging the head, hand and heart

The Visual Arts Department at St. George’s School empowers student-artists to investigate their lives through personal inquiry.  Boys explore themes of self, which fosters independence and a fearless attitude towards creating new possibilities. Students can choose from a variety of classes including Printmaking, Ceramics, Sculpting, Animation, Computer Graphics, Video, Painting, and Drawing. There are also a number of clubs available for those who are interested in delving deeper.

To date, we have hosted 16 Artists-in-Residence who have each been selected based on how their work relates to the themes being explored in class. Artists share their creative process – from inception to completion – by creating their projects concurrently with our boys.


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  • 2D

    • 2 Fully equipped 2D studios
    • 2 Industrial spray sinks
    • 24 iron easels
    • 2 36”x60” light tables
    • 2 printing presses
    • Fully equipped printing studio
    • Tools and inks for lino, woodcut, drypoint, Intaglio, etching, Silkscreening
    • 40 silkscreens for both photo screen printing and traditional.
    • Industrial Hood vent
    • RICOH colour photocopier and printer.
    • Fully supplied for acrylic painting, drawing, printmaking, and mixed media.
    • Professional Stevensons Acrylic paints
  • Ceramics

    • 17 wheels
    • Mid fire clay white/red
    • 2 kilns one for bisque one for glaze
    • extruders, slab roller
    • clay recycling mixer
    • Glaze laboratory
    • Library of books and regular subscriptions to ceramics and art journals
  • Media

    • 24 MAC Pro computers
    • Fully interactive high definition 22” CINTIQ screens with pens.
    • Capable of drawing, animation, painting, designing.
    • Harmony – new animation program by Toon Boom – used by Disney and other studios.
    • ADOBE Suite such as Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator,
    • 2 VIVE VR Headsets
    • Tilt Brush, Gravity Sketch,
    • 15 Canon Rebel CC SLR cameras
    • Green Screen
    • High Resolution Massive Printer
  • Open

    Visual Art Clubs are informal opportunities for boys to socialize in a mixed grade setting. There is always a lot of collaborative problem-solving and conversations that start with "how did you do that?” It is a place where boys can create something with their hands and challenge their minds in a creative sense. While the club is an extension of the classes, neither would be as successful without the other. Creativity is a journey that needs to be nurtured and supported, and our clubs add to and support our studio community.

    Here the students who are familiar with the studio are able to put extra time into their class work, learn new approaches, or just practice and experiment to strengthen their skills. Students use the studios after school each day and over lunchtime on Tuesday and Thursday.


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  • District Dogwood

    In their Grade 12 graduating year, Visual Art students can apply for the “District Dogwood- visual art scholarship”. This scholarship is awarded by the province and is an award of $1000.00 that can be used at any Canadian post-secondary institution.  Students must submit 8 original finished art pieces and a sketchbook /process documentation along with their application documentation. Applicants will have an informal interview with a panel of professional artists who will adjudicate the work of all students. The timeline varies from year to year, but generally happens in the third week of April. Applications with guidelines for submissions can be picked up at Bill Collin’s office.
  • Rigg Scholarship

    Philip Rigg (1958–1974)
    During his years as a student at St. George's School, Philip proved himself a scholar, athlete, and artist of considerable merit, much to the high regard of his classmates and teachers. He maintained credible achievement in the “A” class, while participating fully in the athletic program of the school, winning both the Under-14 and Under-16 Aggregate Trophies, the latter even as he struggled with the disease that led to his death just three months later. Philip had already excelled in Archery, winning the Canadian Junior Archery Championship in 1972. In spite of these attainments, he was a quiet, humble person with a hint of a smile when he spoke. These aspects of his personality dominated his work in the Fine Arts. His pottery was some of the finest done in the School and, as with his painting and drawing, was of quality such that future recipients of a Rigg Scholarship could consider such recognition of their work an honour indeed.
    With the gracious support of the family of Philip Rigg (1960–1975), The Visual Arts Department is pleased to be able to recognize the accomplishments of our students in their passion for the arts. The Rigg Scholarship goes each year to Visual Arts students in Grade 11 who exhibit a genuine love of art, a commitment to the program, and talent. They are then expected to lead the program in the coming year and to operate as mentors to younger students.
    The Annual Rigg Scholarship exhibitions highlight individual artistic achievement within the Saint Georges community. Each year grade eleven scholarship applicants are invited to display their portfolio’s in the great hall as part of a collaborative, juried art show.  Successful candidates display evidence of Head, Heart, and Hand within their body of work. Students are selected from this annual exhibition to receive the distinguished Rigg Scholarship title and leadership position within the art department.
    In conjunction with the Rigg Applicant exhibition, the current Rigg Scholars are invited to display their senior art portfolios in the lower great hall gallery space as a celebration of their artistic achievement and year of leadership.  We celebrate the student’s success with a gallery walk and luncheon with special guest, Mr. Andrew Rigg.

Meet our Faculty

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    Lynette Dian 

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    Chloe Gammon 

    Art Technician
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    Markian Kyba 

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    Santhe LeBlanc 

  • Photo of Brian O'Connor

    Brian O'Connor 

    Teacher / Director of Visual Arts
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    Melissa Pavlovic 

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    Brenton Wilke 

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