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At St. George’s School, over 400 students from Grades 6–12 participate in 7 Concert Bands. At the Junior School, the boys have their first experiences on clarinet and trumpet in Grade 5 music classes and then progress to form full ensembles in Grade 6 and 7.
At the Senior School, students progress from the Junior Concert Band (Grade 8), to the Intermediate Concert Band (Grade 9), and finally to the Senior Concert Band (Grades 10– 12).
As each group rehearses in separate classes, both sections (Day 1 / Day 2) of each grade, meet once a week for a mandatory ensemble rehearsal, which is held once a week during lunch hour. This is the most important time of the week as students learn how to perform as an ensemble.

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  • Junior Concert Band

    Junior Concert Band 8 is a full-year elective for students who typically are in their second or third year of playing a musical instrument. Students who are new to Band will have an opportunity to select an appropriate instrument and will work in an accelerated course of study separately for the first several months. As a performance-based course, most of students’ time in class will be spent learning about music by playing it. Topics covered include tone, articulation, dynamics, blend, balance, intonation, rhythm, style, and interpretation. The focus will be on learning how to play instruments better individually, as well as how to properly perform as an ensemble. In addition, students will be required to prepare: scales; etudes; solos; and participate in chamber ensembles during the year. 
    A wide variety of methods will be used to study these topics including: listening to recordings; watching videos; score study; and making recordings in addition to playing instruments. Students will be introduced to a variety of pieces with contrasting styles and increasing technical demands throughout the year and will quickly discover that progress on their instrument is directly related to the amount of time and effort spent—developing a consistent and effective practice routine will be essential for success in Band 8. 
  • Intermediate Concert Band

    The Intermediate Concert Band is for students in Grade 9 who are in their third or fourth year of playing a band instrument. Students develop their performance skills in order to better understand and express quality music through a variety of styles and historical periods. This course helps students develop the technique, attitude, tone, and musicality to join the Senior Concert Band the following year. Students are exposed to a wide variety of music through rehearsal, listening, and performance, and take part in concerts, workshops, festivals, and small ensembles in addition to completing listening assignments and other special projects. Students are encouraged to be an active member of their section and the ensembles they play in, meaning that they are prepared both musically and technically for all rehearsals and performances.
  • Senior Concert Band

    The Senior Concert Band is for students in Grade 10, 11, and 12 who have a minimum of three years playing their instrument. The goals for this ensemble are twofold: to learn to play our instruments better and to play better as an ensemble member. Local professional performers are brought in for sectionals on a regular basis, as well as guest soloists and clinicians. Students will have many performance opportunities throughout the year.
  • Wind Ensemble

    The Wind Ensemble is a student-oriented club that rehearses one evening each week. It is open to all Senior School music students who are interested in achieving an extraordinary level of performance, and consists of about 45 members. Activities include performances both in and outside the school, community events, and prominent festivals.  Recently, the group has been selected to perform at our national music festival – MusicFest Canada.

    Participation in this ensemble is by audition only. Wind Ensemble is a Co-Curricular Club and as such, students are allowed to fill their first term games commitment with this club rather than a game or competitive sport option, if they wish to do so.
    Previous Repertoire:

    Lincolnshire Posy - Percy Grainger
    Liturgical Dances - David Holsinger
    Awayday - Adam Gorb
    Ride - Samuel Hazo
    Four Scottish Dances - Malcolm Arnold
    Serenade - Derek Bourgeious
  • Brass Ensemble & Percussion Ensemble

    Like the Wind Ensemble, these two ensembles are student-organized clubs. They are for those of you who have a real passion for music, and want to play more challenging repertoire. Both groups are open to all Music Department students regardless of grade level. Auditions may be required. The student leaders of each ensemble will determine rehearsal times. There are two planned concerts, along with many more performance opportunities.

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