"Nothing pertaining to humanity becomes us so well as mathematics. There, and only there, do we meet the human mind at its peak."

Welcome to the Mathematics Department at St. George's School. It is our intention to encourage all students to achieve the best possible grasp of mathematics of which they are capable.

Our courses are designed to help students develop the mathematical skills required for the future and to foster their appreciation and awareness of the importance of mathematics across the curriculum and in society. Our ultimate goal is to inspire life-long learning and an appreciation of the power and beauty of mathematics.

The Mathematics Department not only follows the BC Ministry of Education curriculum but also provides enriched programs in Grades 8 through 12. These rigorous course offerings are designed to prepare students for university, for their future careers, and for their personal lives. We aim to nurture and develop the following amongst our students:

  • A positive attitude to mathematics
  • An awareness of the way mathematics is used in society
  • An ability to think mathematically and logically
  • A willingness and ability to work both independently and cooperatively
  • An ability to understand mathematical ideas and to communicate them effectively
  • An appreciation of the beauty, compactness and elegance of mathematics
  • An interest in recreational mathematics and problem-solving
  • A firm foundation for further study

The BC Math Curriculum recently went through a major overhaul, in consultation with education departments from Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nunavut, Yukon and the NWT. Together, they created the new Western and Northern Canadian Protocol for Mathematics, referred to as the WNCP. Indeed, every BC math course now, apart from this very last sitting of Principles of Math 12, follows the WNCP framework. Whilst there have been some changes to content, including some much-needed decluttering, the main shift in focus has been on really reinforcing the importance of deep understanding, and appreciation of the inter-connectedness of the vast majority of the material, so that students can apply these skills in a meaningful way to new situations - skills, of course, which we as a school have always sought to instill in our students.

We follow the prescribed Ministry curriculum for Grade 8 and Grade 9, and then students follow the Foundations and Pre-Calculus common curriculum for Grade 10, and then on to Pre-Calculus 11, and as of Sept 2012, on to Pre Calculus 12. In addition to our regular math classes, we also offer accelerated programs, where students study the curriculum for the grade level above their current grade. We also encourage strong participation, preparation and active interest in the numerous Regional, National and International mathematics contests and competitions that take place throughout the year - in which our students have achieved considerable success. These include the CNML, COMC, Euclid, Pascal / Cayley/ Fermat, Galois/ Fryer/ Hypatia, the AMC10, AMC12, and the AIME.

In addition to the standard BC Mathematics courses, St. George's also offers in Grade 12, the BC Ministry Calculus curriculum, the Ontario-developed Geometry and Discrete Mathematics course, Advanced Placement courses in Calculus (both AB and BC) and the AP course in Statistics.

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