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During school closure, this page is intended for Senior School students and parents to use as a collection of resources and information required for online education. This site will be updated regularly. 

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List of 14 frequently asked questions.

  • Is it safe for my son(s) to return to school?

    The Provincial Health Authorities and the Ministry of Education have indicated that BC has been very successful in flattening the curve of COVID-19.  In addition, the Provincial Health Authorities have determined that the transmission rates between children are very low.  Therefore, they have determined it is safe for students and staff to return to school on a partial re-opening basis for June 1st. There are explicit directions to the Schools on the number of students that may attend at any one time to help ensure the safety of students.  
  • What do I need to do before sending my son to school?

    Each day, before your son leaves the house you must complete the BCCDC COVID Self-Assessment for your son. This daily task is to check that your son has no COVID-19 type symptoms.

    Your son MUST NOT come to school if he has any current common-cold, influenza, or COVID-19 like symptoms (even if the symptoms are mild), if he has had symptoms in the previous 10 days and has been advised to self-isolate or he has been told to or is required to self-isolate.
  • What does my son bring to class?

    Students should only bring with them only the minimal materials that are needed and take them all to the classroom. Individual classes will communicate directly with students and parents regarding specific supplies. Students should not wear a tie or blazer.  
  • Will there be any sports or cocurriculars for students when they return on June 1st?

    Beyond normal outdoor activities that help ensure physical distancing, there will be no additional sports, games, or co-curricular activities for the remainder of the academic year.
  • Will the teachers be required to wear masks?

    The School respects a teacher’s personal decision regarding the wearing of masks.   Therefore, teachers may choose to wear a mask if they are more comfortable doing so while on campus and during instructional delivery.
  • Will my son(s) be required to wear masks?

    The School respects a student’s and parents/guardians personal decisions regarding the wearing of masks.  Therefore, students may choose to wear a mask if they are more comfortable attending class while wearing a mask.  Please note, the Provincial Health Authorities have indicated that students are not required to wear masks. 
  • Will the students remain physically distant?

    As part of the School’s safety measures and as directed by the Provincial Health Authorities, students will be encouraged to remain physically distant from each other and from their teachers.   The School is employing a number of strategies to assist with this including establishing dividers down the middle of hallways, one-way corridors, and setting up classrooms to reduce the number of students in them.  

    As transmission rates remain low between children, we do expect that there may be instances where physical distancing is not maintained.  When this occurs, teachers will provide gentle reminders to students that they should adhere to physical distancing protocols.   Signage is posted throughout the two campuses to serve as reminders and to help ensure physical distancing as well.
  • What happens if my son becomes ill during the school day?

    If your son becomes ill during a school day, he will immediately put a tissue or mask on.  Emergency masks are being provided in designated teaching areas.   Your son will then proceed to the School’s ‘isolation room’.   We have designated the Devenish Gym at the Junior School as this location and the Team Room at the Senior School.  Student Health Services nursing staff will assess your son’s condition and contact the parent/guardian for immediate pickup and return home.  If your son needs support to get to the ‘isolation room’ he will be escorted by a teacher. 
  • Are the food services offered?

    No. Students must bring their own snacks, lunch, utensils, and water bottle. They will eat at the location designated by their teacher and will not share food with their classmates.  They will wash their hands before eating.
  • Why is my son being asked to bring a water bottle?

    The water fountains in the school are turned off.  Only the water stations which allow water bottles to be refilled will remain operational.
  • Are the school buses running?

    No. There is no bus service available at this time.
  • What if I change my mind about sending my son to school?

    For Junior School: We have made decisions regarding the number of classes used and the number of in-school teachers required based on the results from the survey you completed last week. If, for whatever reason, you have changed your mind about your son’s return to the school, please email the Principal, Mr. Stephen Sturgeon(,  directly.  We will then have to see if your request can be accommodated.

    For Senior School: If, for whatever reason, you have changed your mind about your son’s return to the School, please email the Principal, Mr. Gary Kern ( directly. 
  • Where can I get more information?

    There are a number of resources available for up to date information on COVID-19.  It is always important to remember that a reputable government  website, like those listed below, offer the most reliable information based on up to date facts.
           Vancouver Coastal Health


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  • Can I go get my text books?

    The school has limited access. If you absolutely must access the school, please contact Mr. Kern at to arrange a time.
  • Do I have to go to the assembly, grade meetings and advisory?

    Each week we will be hosting regular school events including assembly, grade meetings and advisory - attendance is expected. If you have extenuating circumstances and are unable to attend, please communicate directly with your Head of Grade.
  • How will I register for next year's courses?

    Our course selection process will begin in early April and we will provide course information and the process for choosing next year's courses. 
  • IT Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do "office hours" look like?

    Each of your teachers has a designated office hour that they are available for web calls or google chat conversations. You can find the office hours in the directory on this page.  For other communication, teachers are asked to respond within 24 hours of your questions.
  • What if I can't get my assignments done?

    All students are expected to complete their assignments with the due date assigned. If you are experiencing extenuating circumstances please communicate directly with your teacher and Head of Grade.
  • Will we have a regular class time?

    During the first few weeks, most of your learning will be "asynchronous" which means that learning will happen when you choose to do the work. Eventually, classrooms will have more synchronous learning opportunities where it will be expected you attend at the same time as your classmates or a group of your class. 
  • Will we have final exams?

    At this point, we are scheduled to have final exams.  As the situation unfolds we will make decisions on final internal exams. AP Exams are delayed and more information will be provided through the College Board.

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