Code of Conduct

As a learning community committed to both academic and character development, St. George’s School shares a proud tradition of excellence.  We strive for growth within our personal lives while maintaining respect for and contributions to the broader community.  The following outlines the school’s behavioural expectations and standards of conduct for all boys who accept membership at St. George’s School.  This Code of Conduct is communicated to students, faculty, parents, staff and visitors to our school.  The Code of Conduct is reviewed annually to ensure that it reflects the needs of our community, aligning with both the core values and mission of our school. 
The purpose of the Student Code of Conduct is to ensure that:
  1. A safe, caring and productive teaching and learning environment exists.
  2. We maintain appropriate balances among individual and collective rights, freedoms and responsibilities.
  3. There is clarity provided around standards and expected student behaviour at school, in the community, online and in social media.
  4. We encourage and practice environmental stewardship. 
The following are the core values which provides the foundation to the Student Code of Conduct:
The ability to move beyond ourselves, to identify with others, to walk a mile in 
another's shoes.
The ability to be humble, not to be big-headed or boastful, and to recognize that we all still have a lot to learn.
An extension of honesty; it is doing the right thing even if no one is watching.
Feeling regard and even admiration for yourself and for others; it is being thoughtful and considerate of others.
Being accountable, doing our best to meet our commitments, and to keep our
An extension of courage. It’s the ability to recover quickly, and to not give up when beset by setbacks and disappointments.
Conduct Expectation:   
  1. I commit myself to strive for honourable behaviour in my daily life, according to the standards as set forth by the school. I will try to be faithful to my parents, my school, my friends and myself.
  2. I will avoid bringing any ill-repute to the school at any time, including evenings, weekends, or over any school break or holiday.
  3. I will comply with all school policies as they relate to upholding the standard of excellence of St. George’s School at all times.
  4. I understand, accept, and will respect all of my school related commitments and responsibilities.
    • I will arrive to school on time and attend all classes, assemblies, practices, rehearsals, and field trips as outlined by my teachers.
    • I will obtain necessary permission to leave class or school.
  5. I will take pride in my personal appearance.
    • I will be dressed appropriately at all times for all events as outlined by the school.
    • I will abide by the grooming rules as outlined in the Standards of Dress and Appearance section, and always observe the accepted standards of personal hygiene.
  6. I will behave in a way that always brings credit to the school, with integrity, empathy, respect and humility.
    • I recognize that the taking of tests, exams requires an exemplary standard of honesty and will not misrepresent myself by cheating, copying, or plagiarizing.
    • I recognize that integrity is a clear expectation and that semi-permanent borrowing of possessions not mine, without the owner’s knowledge and consent, is stealing.
    • I will care for all property, whether it is public or a peer’s personal possessions.
    • I will avoid disruptive behaviour at all times, and will strive to treat all others with great respect.
    • I will adhere to the school policies regarding the appropriate use of technology, including online communication, electronic devices and the internet.  
    • I will respond in a respectful way to all adults while at school and while participating in any school-related event.
    • I will avoid any possession, use, or distribution of alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs or related paraphernalia, weapons, replica weapons, or any other dangerous or illegal items or substances.
  7. I will demonstrate responsible use and protection of the natural environment through conservation and sustainable practices.
    • I will respect others’ needs to use facilities, materials and equipment.
    • I will inform an adult in a timely manner of spills, property damage, or vandalism.
Supporting Diverse Sexual Orientations, Gender Identities and Expressions

St. George's School aims to provide a safe, accepting and respectful environment for students dealing with gender identity, along with other forms of discrimination. Please reference the RULES, INTERVENTIONS AND CONSEQUENCES section in "The Book" on the school portal HERE.

Goals for SOGI Inclusive Education:
  1. Visibility: The diversity of sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions are recognized and valued.  
  2. Protection: The dignity of all people across the sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) spectra is intended to be preserved, as well as protected from harm.
  3. Inclusion: Equitable treatment and inclusion are a reality for people of all sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions.
With higher levels of discrimination and bullying, and lower level of family, school, and community support, LGBTQ youth face higher risks for significant health challenges, including suicidal thoughts and attempts, and problem substance use. However, when LGBTQ youth experience safe and supportive schools and families, they are much less likely to report these health challenges.* ” - Saewyc et al. (2016) 

Founded in 1930, St. George's School is a world-class boys' university preparatory school, offering a day program in Grades 1-12 and an Urban Boarding program in Grades 8-12. With 1160 students, 110 of whom are boarders from over 20 countries worldwide, St. George’s School is a vibrant community committed to authentic learning.
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