Student Life at St. George's School is dedicated to ensuring that a whole child approach to education remains at the forefront of our daily practice. The concept of learning to learn beyond the cognitive realm is emphasized through character education and the development of socio-emotional competencies. By providing a healthy, safe, and supportive learning environment for all students, growth opportunities become part of an enriching school experience for each boy. Student Life involves several distinct but interconnected areas: the Heads of Grade structure, the Advisor System, Standards and Discipline, Personal Counselling, Health Services, Service and Charity, and the Clubs Program.

The Advisor System

As a key component in our school's character education and support services plan, our advisory system provides a relationship-based learning environment where students are known, heard, and understood by at least one faculty/staff member. Students are assigned to an advisee group which includes 10 students and a faculty/staff advisor who acts as a mentor for the duration of a student's high school years. In addition to one-on-one conferences as needed, students formally meet with their advisors each week during advisor periods and also participate in a weekly advisor assembly. The advisory program covers topics from academic planning and student well-being, to recent and upcoming school events and issues centring on our core values. In working to understand the developmental needs and interests of their advisees, the advisors become a powerful resource and advocate for students. Alongside the Head of Grade, the advisor acts as a key point of contact for their advisees' parents, and is involved in important school-related matters concerning their advisees.

Student Life: Programming and Activities

  • Clubs Program
  • Each One Teach One Mentorship Program
  • Alley Outreach Program
  • Georgians' Career Day
  • Guest Presenters / Diversity Speaker Series
  • Laurier Business Case Competition
  • Local and Global Service and Charity Initiatives
  • Peer Mentorship
  • Peer Tutoring Support
  • Student Leadership Workshops

Student Life Contacts

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