Welcome and Overview

The Learning Commons is your space for learning about anything, with anyone, at any time.  The space offers multiple seating areas that are easily reconfigured for everything from group study, to quiet reading.  It is a learning space that can help you with your learning about anything in or outside of school.  The library collection housed in the Learning Commons offers over 22,000 titles including 1,000 DVDs, and over 4,000 ebooks.  Over 70 online databases house articles, recordings, images and video from hundreds of thousands of publications covering pretty much every topic that one could conceivably want to research.

Our home online which gives you access to all of these resources in addition to all sorts of other information about the Learning Commons itself is here.  There is a password required to access this content as much of it is paid for through subscription fees and access is restricted to members of our community.  You have received an email with the password if you are a student or staff member at the school.  If you have lost that email, ask a Learning Commons staff member for help.  Our Learning Commons staff (to the right) are always happy to help you with any of your information, reading or research needs.  

The physical Learning Commons space is open from 8am to 5pm Monday to Thursday and 8am to 4pm on Friday's.  Occasionally the space will be closed for holidays, meetings, exams, or other events, in which case signs will be posted on the doors.  There is often a library staff member online who will respond to email questions evenings and weekends through our Learning Commons email address.


Books and ebooks are loaned for two weeks. Students are encouraged to establish an account so that they can place holds on books and keep track of items on loan. Overdue notices will be sent periodically through school email. Students and staff are encouraged to return materials when done so that others can use them.  While we do not charge overdue fines, lost items are billed at the cost of replacement.

Laptops are also available for loan for one period in the event that a student's own machine is not working.  Laptops are required to be returned promptly at the end of each period in order that they can be recharged for others' use. 

As the Learning Commons is intended for quiet work and study. The space is not expected to be silent in any way, but those not using the space appropriately or who are impeding appropriate use by others will be asked to leave.

Make a point of visiting the Learning Commons early in the year to familiarize yourself with our services and get to know the staff.

2018-19 Summer Reading Lists

  • Grade 8
    For students entering Grade 8.
  • Grade 9
    For students entering Grade 9.
  • Grade 10
    For students entering Grade 10.
  • Grade 11
    For students entering Grade 11.
  • Grade 12
    For students entering Grade 12.  Students taking AP English Literature 12 do not use this list and refer to the AP English Literature 12 list.
  • AP English Literature 12
    For students enrolling in AP English Literature 12.
  • AP English Language 12
    For students enrolling in AP English Language 12.
  • English Literature 12
    For students enrolling in Literature 12.

Senior School Librarians

List of 3 members.

  • Mr. Marc Crompton 

    Head of Senior Learning Commons
  • Ms. Linda Dahlberg 

    Library Technician
  • Mr. Ryan Morris 

    Library Clerk
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