St. George's Jazz Ensembles Audition Material 2018/19

Jazz Ensemble auditions will take place right away once school has started in September. Please look for sign-up sheets posted outside of the upper music room during the first week of classes. Read the requirements carefully and use the provided links to access the folder to download the music for your instrument.
Please note: you must have the required music prepared to have a successful audition.
Meeting Times
Junior Jazz Ensemble – Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7:00-8:15am
Senior Jazz Ensemble – Tuesday and Friday mornings at 7:00am
To save time at the audition, we will not be listening to scales. However, to be successful in your improvisation, you should be familiar with major/minor scales; chromatic scales; blues scales; and modes. For students new to Jazz Ensemble, these concepts will be introduced during the school year.
Please prepare the two repertoire sections for your instrument. Strive to play them as close to the marked tempos as possible. Listening to recordings of the repertoire is strongly encouraged to help players understand the style of each piece. Select your part from the download page.
All students will be asked to improvise during their audition. Improvisation is an essential aspect of performing in a jazz ensemble and can be a fun part of your practice routine. Have fun with this and keep it simple—you can make a great solo using just a few notes that are in the key. Start by using a few notes of the blues scale and experiment. If it sounds good to you, it likely is!
  • Junior Jazz Ensemble: Play 2 choruses using a 12-bar blues in F in swing style. Download the practice track as well as a chord chart for your instrument. Hint: start by experimenting with the F Blues Scale (1 b3 4 b5 5 b7 1)

  • Senior Jazz Ensemble: Students auditioning for this advanced ensemble are asked to memorize the “Perfect Blues Chorus” in addition to doing an improvised solo over the F Blues.

Drum Set and Auxiliary Percussion

In addition to the above music, please prepare the drum set and auxiliary percussion material from the download folder. Drummers and Mallet percussionists will also be asked to improvise a solo over the 12-bar blues form as above. 

For more information, contact Dr. Markel ( or Mr. Murray (

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