It is our goal to provide each student with the best possible music education

Through learning to play an instrument, each boy will develop a remarkable sense of aesthetics, a great depth of knowledge, and exceptional performance skills.

The study of music brings growth and development in so many ways. By performing in a Concert Band or Jazz Ensemble (the ultimate ‘team’ situation), students will develop highly refined listening skills, personal confidence, healthy self-esteem, cooperation, teamwork skills, and leadership qualities. They will also develop behaviour based on ethics and consideration of others.

Through the process of individual study of an instrument, each student will develop self-discipline, the ability to set short-term and long-term goals, and better understand achieving quality through perseverance and dedication. Students will also gain many other qualities, including empathy, humility, integrity, respect, responsibility, and resilience.

Most importantly, we believe that the study of music lifts the spirits, nourishes the soul, allows for deep communication, and brings joy to daily life. Music helps one truly understand that which is beautiful.


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  • Band 8

    Grade 8 Band is a performance-oriented course. That is, most of our time will be spent learning about music by playing it. We will cover topics such as: tone, articulation, dynamics, blend, balance, intonation, rhythm, style, and interpretation. We will spend time learning how to play our instruments better, as well as how to properly perform in an ensemble. We will also spend part of the year working on chamber music. As the terms progress, we will learn enough theory and history (mainly through discussion) in order to help you become a better performer in general. But don’t worry!! This will all be done in a practical and fun way.

    One of the most exciting and important features about learning to play an instrument is participating in a large performing ensemble. You, as Band 8 students, will perform in the ‘Junior Concert Band’. There is a large performing ensemble for each grade at St. George’s.
  • Band 9

    The Intermediate Concert Band is for students in Grade 9 who are in their third or fourth year of playing a band instrument. You will develop your performance skills in order to better understand and express quality music through a variety of styles and historical periods.

    Each term will focus on particular aspects of performance that will help you to become more facile and expressive on your instrument, both as an individual and as a member of the full ensemble. You will be exposed to a wide variety of music through rehearsal, listening, and performances. You will be involved in concerts, workshops, festivals, and small ensembles, listening assignments, and special projects. You will be encouraged to be an active member of your section and the ensembles that you play in.

    There will be opportunities at various times throughout the year to participate in solo and ensemble festivals or other extra performing experiences.
  • Band 10, 11, and 12

    Welcome to the Senior Band! During your three years of course work in this ensemble, we hope you will respond to the musical and technical challenges by applying yourself with great passion and enthusiasm.

    Students in Band 10, 11, and 12 will have an opportunity to participate in a European Band Tour. This is an optional tour. In past years, we've had students go on two-week performance tours to Northern Italy, Southern Germany, and Austria. This is a remarkable tour that has been one of the highlights of the school for the past 25 years. Again, participation is optional. Fundraising opportunities will be available.

    It is important for you to know that if you are not participating on this tour, you will have an outstanding year in this course and in the Senior Concert Band. Our regular course work will still feature many guests, festivals, and concerts.

    Finally, we would like to invite each of you to try out for the Wind Ensemble, the Brass ensemble or the Percussion Ensemble. The performance opportunities provided by these ‘clubs’ are great. Or, if you would like to create your own performing ensemble, please chat with us so that we can help.

Performance Opportunities

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  • Brass Ensemble & Percussion Ensemble

    Like the Wind Ensemble, these two ensembles are student-organized clubs. They are for those of you who have a real passion for music, and want to play more challenging repertoire. Both groups are open to all Music Department students regardless of grade level. Auditions may be required. The student leaders of each ensemble will determine rehearsal times. There are two planned concerts, along with many more performance opportunities.
  • Wind Ensemble

    The Wind Ensemble is a student-organized club that rehearses every Wednesday evening. It is open to Senior School music students who are highly motivated and are interested in achieving an extraordinary level of performance. This ensemble usually attracts 35 to 40 of the School’s finest performers. Activities include performances both in and out of the School, community events, and prominent festivals. Participation in this ensemble is by audition only. Auditions will occur shortly. Please keep an eye on the notice board, or talk with any Wind Ensemble executive member if you are interested in this opportunity.

Senior Music Department

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  • Dean Markel 

    Head of Music Senior School
  • Robert Murray 

    Music Teacher Senior School
  • Courtenay-Joy Colville 

    Music Technician
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