Welcome to the Department of Modern Languages and Classics. At St. George's School we believe that the study of a second language is an integral component of a boy's educational life. Exposure to new languages, cultures, and ways of thinking are all part of the healthy growth of body, mind, and spirit, as embodied in the school's mission statement. The knowledge of another language is invaluable in building socially responsible citizens who will help build strong communities throughout the world.

At St. George's School, all students must be enrolled in a language until the end of Grade 11. The school offers six languages in the timetable: French, German, Japanese, Latin, Mandarin, and Spanish. There is also an opportunity to learn Greek at lunch hours in the Greek Club. Many students take advantage of the languages offered, studying more than one language while at St. George's.

The Department follows the curriculum guidelines published by the Ministry of Education for all its language courses. Latin is the only exception, as it is a locally-developed course, which prepares the students at the end of their study for the National Latin Exam. All language courses at St. George's lead to cumulative exams.

As well, enrichment is offered for all of the language programs, from grades 8-12. Students may also choose to sit the Advanced Placement Exams in any of the languages offered. The department currently offers  AP courses in French, Spanish, German, Mandarin, Japanese and Latin in the timetable. These courses provide further opportunities to improve fluency and competence in the language, and are recognized by many universities for credit. 

In addition, the department offers a myriad of language contests, clubs, and extra-curricular language-related activities to further support language learning. The teachers in the department are committed to helping each student develop his language skills to the best of his ability and to instilling a love and appreciation of language-learning.

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