For the 2017 - 2018 school year, St. George's School will offer the opportunity for groups of students to study the grade 10 curriculum through the lens of a 'cohort.'  These groups, consisting of approximately 20 students, will take several of their classes, including one elective block, together for the entire year.  This model allows the faculty to develop unique learning opportunities for the students that blur the typical boundaries of the classroom and permit greater connections with real-world learning.

Four program options are proposed for the 2017 - 2018 school year.  
Applications to these programs are due on Wednesday, February 8, 2017.

Please note that these programs have an additional fee of $3500 to cover the costs of the special activities and trips that are unique to these programs.

Connect 10

Through creative leadership models, students will work within and towards a global perspective. Students investigate creative and strategic leadership models to explore personal potential. They will examine relationships with others and develop the ability to identify the need for and to create productive change in their communities. The goals of the program are for students: 

  • to grow as people: develop leadership skills, gain self confidence, work with others and improve communication skills; 

  • to gain experience working with different models of thinking and working by engaging with community organizations, social enterprises and leadership organizations to incubate products, services and ideas, to practice problem solving and apply solutions; 

  • to work within and towards a global perspective that considers self and others in dynamic communities. 

Discovery 10

Discovery is a cohort of approximately 20 students who participate in a year of challenging outdoor experiences that enhance the regular grade 10 curriculum. The goals of the program are for students: 

  • to grow as people: develop leadership skills, gain self confidence, work with others and improve 
communication skills; 

  • to gain environmental and social awareness and understand the issues involved in our relationship 
with nature and people; 

  • to learn the outdoor skills required for a variety of self-propelled activities (hiking, kayaking, 
canoeing, snowshoeing, rock climbing and camping); 

  • to integrate academic learning into cultural and wilderness experiences. 

Express 10

Express 10 will offer students an enriched performing arts environment in which to study, grow and enjoy their curriculum through the prism of theatre arts and other performance avenues. An actor’s physical training, storytelling skills, literacy through the study of drama and song and of course, performance opportunities of many kinds are offered in this cohort, exemplifying visible, experiential and meaningful learning.

Fusion 10

Fusion 10 is for students who want to see the concepts they encounter in science and math come alive through the process of making. Through design thinking models, they will learn processes of analysis and prediction to understand real-world problems. Digital fabrication and other tools will be leveraged to build solutions to these problems.

Applications to the programs are made online.  See the link on the right side of the page for more information.

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