Statement of Philosophy

The Student Services Department at St. George’s School is committed to providing opportunities and support for strengthening the social, emotional and intellectual growth of each student. Actively involved in all aspects of school life, Student Services empowers students to reach their full potential in a caring and student-centered environment.

As an integral part of our students' educational experience, Student Services at St. George's School supports the personal growth, the academic learning, and the social emotional development of each boy. Specific skills and advising are provided in a proactive and preventive manner to ensure school success for all students. Through a collaborative and coordinated effort, Student Services actively works in partnership with faculty, staff, administration, parents, and private practitioners to meet the specific needs of students.

The Junior School Campus

As both professional educators and specialists, the Junior School Student Services team understands and responds to the many challenges of today’s elementary and middle school boy.  The department is divided into four distinct but interrelated areas: Personal Counseling, Learning Resource, English Language Enrichment and Inquiry Based Learning. Our comprehensive program aligns and works with the guiding principles of our School's mission and delivers its service to students by providing the following:  
  • Attend to and support student, staff andparent concerns, which may affect a student's progress and development.
  • Administer proactive and preventative approaches in supporting students.
  • Academic support planning, including time management and organizational, test taking skills and learning styles awareness.
  • Academic and Diagnostic Assessment
  • Interpretation of assessment outcomes and the development of appropriate Individual Educational Plans and Student Support Plans.
  • Program design and implementation
  • Self Awareness (personal, academic, social) education as they relate to academic potential, special aptitudes and interests.
  • Transition planning and preparation.
  • Goal setting and decision-making.
  • Interpersonal skill development, self assertiveness training and coping strategies.
  • Communication, problem-solving and conflict resolution.
  • Support students in a variety of counseling issues including but not limited to: anxiety, stress, behavior issues, social skills, bullying, self advocacy, communication, grief and loss 
Note:  The above are delivered through the following responsive services and feedback forms:
  • Individual and small-group counseling / advising / assessment / advocacy /HACE classes
  • In class support
  • Pull out remedial intervention and academic support
  • Individual/family/school crisis intervention
  • Conflict resolution meetings
  • Consultation/collaboration and teaming (w/ parents, faculty, administration)
  • Referrals
  • School-wide needs assessment
  • Data analysis through surveys and queries

Referral Process

Counselling Services are made available based on recommendations from administration, teachers, parents, self-referral, or is initiated by the School Counsellor. Learning Resource Services are made available based on individual needs. Referrals come from classroom teachers, administration, or are initiated by the Resource Teacher.

List of 9 members.

  • Ms. Leanne Watts 

    Student Services Coordinator, Junior School / Intermediate Resource Teacher (Grades 6/7)
    (604) 224 1304 x5884
  • Ms. Pat Pachchigar 

    Resource Teacher Grade 4/5
    604-221-1304 x5884
  • Dr. Karin Kemeny 

    Personal Counsellor, Student Services
    (604) 224 1304 x4146
  • Ms. Erin Leach 

    Personal Counsellor / Teacher
    (604) 222 5810
  • Mr. Graeme Webber 

    Inquiry and Enrichment Teacher, Librarian
    (604) 224 1304 x2207
  • Ms. Jennifer Harrison 

    Primary Resource Teacher
    (604) 222 2212
  • Ms. Louise Walker 

    Resource Teacher Grade 4/5
    (604) 221-1304
  • Teresa Lin 

    Primary Resource Teacher
  • Mr. Travis Bortolotto 

    Associate Faculty Grade 6/7
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