St. George's School recognizes that the outdoor setting offers a powerful venue for achieving many aspects of the school's educational philosophy. We believe that by taking students away from their everyday, comfortable environment into a place of perceived uncertainty, we can engage students in learning that might not be possible in an urban context or day-program.

Starting in Grade 1, all students at St. George's participate in an outdoor education program at least once a year up until and including Grade 10. In Grade 10, students have the option of a year long cohort based outdoor program called Discovery 10. Activities and programs are designed to be age and skill-appropriate and will challenge students to develop in each of the four objective areas.


The objectives of the school's outdoor education programs can be broken down into four areas: interpersonal and intrapersonal skills; environmental and social awareness; academic integration; and outdoor skills. Activities are designed to follow a continuum of skill development in each of these four areas, developing in complexity over the grades.

Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Skills

Students will:
  • demonstrate responsibility and respect for themselves, others and their surroundings;
  • extend their personal boundaries by making good decisions in challenging themselves;
  • reflect upon their experiences and identify personal strengths and weaknesses;
  • be an effective member of a group (active listening and communication, cooperation/followship, initiative);
  • develop their leadership skills and personal leadership style.

Environmental and Social Awareness

Students will:
  • empathize with the needs of others and other species;
  • gain an appreciation for the cultures and places they visit;
  • appreciate the value of others and demonstrate social responsibility by making decisions accordingly;
  • develop their ecological literacy by studying natural systems and how humans interact with the environment from social, cultural, economic and political perspectives;
  • define their personal environmental ethic and take action in their own lives to support their position as a steward;

Academic Integration

Students will:
  • learn academic concepts through the use of direct experience;
  • connect their experiences in the field with learning in the classroom;
  • view issues and concepts from a variety of perspectives.

Outdoor Skills

Students will:
  • experience and develop lifelong interests in a variety of self-propelled outdoor activities;
  • learn specific practices that emphasize proficiency and maximize safety;
  • develop the skills required to assess risk and make responsible and prudent decisions for themselves and the group;
  • demonstrate low-impact outdoor skills.

List of 4 members.

  • Ms. Christina Tutsch 

    Head of Outdoor Education
    (604) 224 1304 x3639
  • Ms. Claudia Lutes 

    Outdoor Education Teacher/House Parent
    (604) 224 1304 x3757
  • Ms. Andrea Bell 

    Outdoor Education Teacher
    604-224-1304 x3748
  • Mr. Steve Allen 

    Outdoor Education Technician
    604-224-1304 x 3735
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