Rugby for Restricted (Lights) and Unrestricted (Heavies)

The rugby team is open to all boys who have an interest in developing their rugby playing ability. Team practice and games will have an emphasis on promoting and improving a variety of rugby skills through game related activities in a fun and enjoyable way.
Interested boys are to be placed into two groups; Restricted and Unrestricted. The Restricted group are all boys under 115lbs, whilst the Unrestricted group are all boys over 115lbs.
Every effort will be made to give a player appropriate playing time during the season, as we will be playing a number of festivals at other Independent Schools.
The season concludes with the ISEA Championship / Play day at Klahanie Park on Tuesday May 16th.  For the Championship, a squad of players will be selected (Unrestricted only). Selection will be based on the following criteria: ability, behavior, work ethic, appropriate clothing and attendance to practice.

The Restricted group will be involved in a play day at the same venue. All boys who have attended regular practice and games will be selected for this play day. During the play day, the school will be participating in a number of games against other Independent Schools.
Unrestricted: Mr. Thomas, Mr. Ashley
Restricted: Mr. Thomas, Mr. Smajlovic and Mr. Holloway
Training and Games Schedule:
Junior School Playing Field or Chaldecott Park (depending on the Junior School field space)
Clothing & Equipment:
It is very important to attend rugby sessions with suitable attire in order that all boys are able to perform and develop their skills safely. The table below outlines the type clothing / equipment that will be required to participate.
Clothing / Equipment
Essential / Desirable
Mouth Guard (x2)
(Limited participation will be allowed if no mouth guard is worn)
Head Gear
(Everyone will be required to wear suitable footwear to all sessions)
St. George’s Red Rugby Jersey
(No wing t-shirts)
St. George’s Black Rugby Shorts
St. George’s Red Rugby Socks
St. George’s Tracksuit
Gloves and Skin based layered clothing

NB: It is important that the boys practice and play wearing all essential items. Due to the demands of the rugby program it may be of benefit to get additional items of rugby clothing / equipment.

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