Gifts in Kind

St. George’s School is happy to accept certain gifts in kind, usually in support of fundraising events such as the SGPA Fair, the Platinum Auction, School Galas and Golf Tournaments.  Some gift in kind donations are eligible for tax receipts, and some are not; please contact the Advancement Office to confirm if in doubt. 

Retail Purchases

If an individual purchases something from a store and donates it to the School, the sales receipt showing the business name, address and purchase price is evidence of the valuation of the item to be receipted. This applies to purchases of tangible goods only and not to services.

Donations of Personal Goods (e.g. Paintings, Jewellery, Antiques, etc.)

For items worth $1,000 or more, we require a written appraisal from an acceptable, qualified & independent appraiser.

For items worth less than $1,000, we require an appraisal from a member of our community who is knowledgeable about the value of the item being donated.

Gifts from a Business Inventory

A business donating product from its inventory must provide a list of the items being donated and their normal selling price, as well as the donor’s cost of the property on company letterhead. Appraisals are not required. The receipted donation amount will be the lesser of the actual fair market value or the donor’s cost of the property. Donation Tax receipts for gifts of property from a business must be made out in the name of the business making the donation.

Gifts of Services

We cannot issue tax receipts for the value of "time" spent by a donor nor services that a donor may provide. However, with proper receipts attached, expenditures that may be associated with the donation are eligible, (e.g. food and wine purchased for a dinner party, etc.) Examples of gifts of services include such things as tennis lessons, boat cruises, educational courses, professional services, sports activities, consultation of any kind, hairdressing, and transport services. Gifts of services are not considered property and do not qualify for a tax receipt.  
In certain circumstances, however, a receipt can be issued for that part of the payment that represents a donation; for example, when the purchaser pays more than the fair market value of the goods or services with the intention that the overpayment be donated to the charity.
If you wish to make a donation of a gift in kind, please complete the Donation Form, which you can find in the left sidebar, and submit it to the Advancement Office.
Contributions are tax creditable as prescribed by Canadian law.
St. George's School's Charitable Registration Number is: 11917-5511 RR0001
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