Global Stewardship: Me. Us. World.

St. George’s School is proud to announce the dates for this year’s Global Stewardship Conference. The
Conference will be hosted February 12 th and 13 th at the Senior School. We hope this will continue to
inspire the St. George’s Community to engage with issues that impact ourselves, our community, and our

This year’s theme, “What’s your Story?” aims to guide participants to engage in conversations about
issues that impact our communities on a personal, local, and global level. The power of storytelling can
be used as a tool to link people to communities and communities to change. While storytelling may feel
like a broad topic, our hope is that through sharing our stories and finding common threads we will be
able to demonstrate the power of stories and their integral role storytelling plays in creating sustainable
Please email our team of students and staff hard at work on the conference via if you have ideas, would like to make connections, or would like more information from us.

You can also touch base directly with Sarah McLean (Senior School, and Pat Pachchigar (Junior School, for global stewardship actions and ideas throughout the year. 


Who can be a presenter?
Faculty, staff, students, individuals, community groups, experts, parents, friends… everyone is welcome!

What are sessions like?
Workshops, question and answer sessions, slideshows, activities and field trips.  Sessions will be approximately 1 hour in length, and you can set the appropriate number of participants, from 20 up.

Who will be attending my session?
You can indicate who your session is best for: specific grades, students, faculty, everyone!
All faculty and Senior School students will be participating in the conference.

What kind of support will I receive if I say “yes” or “maybe” to organizing a session?
As much or as little as you need! We can certainly help you:
  • Turn your spark of an idea into a full workshop
  • Offer advice on facilitation
  • Help you prepare new materials and activities
  • Help you adapt an existing workshop, activity, or class
  • Give encouragement and advice on how your idea is part of global stewardship
  • Connect you with other presenters
What expectations should I know about for the sessions?
Our Core Values guide our actions.  Here are things we would love all sessions to be guided by:
  • Humility: Sessions encourage discussions, making connections, and reflection.
  • Responsibility: Sessions and presenters promote a growth-mindset and help participants explore and understand the world and their place in it.
  • Respect: Presenters will respect differences and create spaces of non-discrimination.
  • Resilience: Participants are left with hope, optimism, and tangible actions they can take.
  • Empathy: Sessions and presenters value multiple perspectives and viewpoints.
  • Integrity: Presenters have first-hand knowledge of their session topic through lived experience, research, education, and/or certification and are excited to share their learning with participants.
Who can I contact for more information?
There is a team of students, faculty, and staff working behind the scenes on the conference. Please contact with your inquiries and they will direct you to the appropriate teams.
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