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  • Cardboard Challenge (Full Day)

    True or False: the best part about getting a new toy is playing with the box afterwards. If you think the answer to this is TRUE, then you should take part in the Cardboard Challenge! We will start the day by learning about how the Cardboard Challenge came to be, and then we’ll spend some time investigating materials and generating ideas. Then, the rest of the day is time to cut, glue, paint, collaborate and create with old cardboard boxes, egg cartons and scrap paper! Maybe we’ll make a city, or a space station, or a family of helpful robots – who knows?  Our imaginations know no limits. Afterwards, our creations will be on display in the Library for everyone to enjoy!
  • Ball Hockey Tournament (Morning or Afternoon)

    Grades 4-5 students, do you enjoy playing ball hockey? Come and join the fun of Saints Round Robin Ball Hockey tournament! PE teachers will divide boys into even teams. Winning team will be awarded two points at the end of the 20 minute game. Each game will be followed by a shootout challenge for one additional point. 
  • Bollywood Bonanza (Morning or Afternoon)

    Have you ever wanted to try out something from a different country? Then look this way! How about a half day filled with lots of Indian fun and creativity. Activities will include Bollywood dancing, Rangoli making, Indian food tasting, henna painting and more!
  • Gardens, Gnomes, and Green Beans! (Morning or Afternoon)

    Do you like to get messy, dig holes, and play outside? Come out to the garden and enjoy an outdoor day of planting, digging, and creating! You will learn how to plant seedlings, choose decorative rocks for the garden, identify garden plants, paint a garden gnome, and bring home your very own green beans to plant if your back yard.
  • Go Fly a Kite (Morning or Afternoon)

    Have you ever been told to go fly a kite?  Well now you will know how. Come and learn how to make a kite and hopefully the weather will allow you to try out your creation.
  • Half Day of Play (Morning or Afternoon)

    How would you like half a day to play whatever you want? You could bring a board or card game from home, a toy, lego, puzzles, drawing, or you could play with some of the toys, games and supplies offered by the teachers. If the weather cooperates we will go outside for some outdoor unstructured play time. Make the choice to play and choose what you want to play! 
  • Musical Composition and Creating Instruments from Everyday Materials (Morning or Afternoon)

    Do you like to explore the different sounds that everyday kitchen items can make? Pots and Pans? Straws? Buckets? And then create a composition using them? This activity will start by exploring the sounds of real instruments (xylophone, flute, piano, clarinet, trumpet, drums etc.) and then we will compare to everyday items. We will mix and match and come up with unique methods to create and explore musical sounds. By the end of the activity, you will have designed a musical instrument and created a musical composition that you can then perform for your friends and family. 
  • Paper Airplane Making (Morning or Afternoon)

    Join if you want to learn about aerodynamics, and then make special paper airplane designs that will perform flights with ‘hang time’, ‘loops’, and ‘straight-line’ performance. A flying competition will be held for each plane. 
  • Plastic Model Building (Morning or Afternoon)

    This is an opportunity for you to build a plastic model kit of your choice. There will be an instructional component with tips on weathering, gluing, assembly and placing decals. Students will be required to purchase a plastic Model Kit (Level 2 difficulty) of their choosing [tank (Tamiya), airplane (Revell or Airfix) and a car (Revell) etc.] Participants will also require glue and cutting utensils. Those who wish to paint their models need to provide brushes and water based paint. (Tamiya Paints). Students will be able to work beside like-minded individuals in bilding a model kit in a collaborative setting. 
  • The 3Rs Creation (Morning or Afternoon)

    Bottle caps. Plastic containers. Scrap paper. All of these items go directly into the recycling bins never to be seen again! Why not transform these materials and reuse them in a creative way? Come participate in creating a large mural scene reusing our recycled items from our school. This is a half day activity that will be added from the first group. At the end it will be proudly displayed and become an eye opening visual for the students of Saints to view! 
  • The Audacity of Mashups (Morning or Afternoon)

    This intensive and crazy half-day computer music workshop will show students how to use the program ‘Audacity” to create a mashup – a compilation of different songs all mashed into one. You know how you’ve always wanted to hear Imagine Dragons overdubbed on Maroon 5? Now you can!  You know how you always wanted to smush The Fox football theme into Hockey Night in Canada? As a power ballad? Done! Open to students in grades 4-7.
  • The Friendship Tower and Printmaking Studio (Morning or Afternoon)

    Do you want to make use of your creative talents? What does the word “friendship” mean to you? Why not come and be a part of our “friendship tower”? You will turn an ordinary shoebox into a masterpiece of your creativity which can show friendship as “fun”, “cool”, and “awesome”. All you have to bring is a shoe box and your artistic talents and we will provide the rest of the supplies. In this half day workshop you will also explore the world of Printmaking .In doing so, you will leave with two outstanding and unique pieces of Art.  Learn how to create magical, multi-layered prints using the new technology of Gelli Arts printing plates. This workshop will further explore "friendship" and it's meaning to you. Print one or print many, the only thing that could hold you back is your imagination because what's more fun than friendship? 
  • The Will – A Murder Mystery (Morning or Afternoon)

    Multi-millionaire Mildred Winnie Wetherington Lawrence, the matriarch of the Wetherington clan has long suspected her family was only waiting for her death so they could waste away all her hard hoarded money. One evening in the snooty community of Cape Powkaput, Massachusetts, she was murdered in cold, hard blood. When her will is read, who will be happy? Who will be enraged? Who will inherit the vast estate? And most importantly, who killed Mrs. Lawrence? Your role will be assigned the Thursday prior to Choice Day and you will be expected to assume the persona of your character for the duration of the activity. Costumes are mandatory. Appropriate for Grades 4 – 7 only.
  • Yo-Yo Skills and Challenges (Morning or Afternoon)

    Join us for a half-day of yo-yo fun! We will be learning new tricks, participating in skills challenges and filming your best trick for a compilation video to show the school.  You will need to arrive with your own yo-yo to use for the activities. Grades 5-7 will be in the morning group and Grades 1-4 will be in the afternoon group.
  • Drama and Improv fun! (Morning)

    If you love drama class and playing creative acting games, then this is the workshop for you! We will spend time playing all of our favourite drama games and adding some new (hilarious) improv games to the mix. Improv is a type of performance where you create scenes and characters without any planning time. If the weather is nice, then we might even have some time for parachute games!
  • Hip Hop Dance Party (Morning)

    Wanna groove? Wanna move? Join us for a morning of Hip Hop choreography! We will be learning a hip hop dance sequence inspired by one of today’s most popular artists. Let the beatz invigorate your feetz! 
  • Lego Creation Imagination (Morning)

    Do you love using your imagination? Do you enjoy building and creating things? Then, LEGO CREATION IMAGINATION is your place to be!  Here's your chance to be adventurous- to ask, "what if," to think abstractly, and develop strategic thinking. Join us and immerse yourself in a morning of Lego and building construction.
  • Present Like a Pro (Morning)

    Have you always wanted the power to persuade your parents or friends? Perhaps your dream is to host the Much Music Video Awards? Well, here's your chance to hone the skills you'll need to succeed in just about everything you do in life! Join us for a workshop on public speaking where you'll get an opportunity to practice your presentations and hone your talents. We will also help you to make that next school presentation an interesting and captivating one. Public speaking games will be used to guide you to become the leader you've always wanted to be.
  • Boardgames (Afternoon)

    Do you live for the destruction of your enemy's warships, or think you can take over the world from Baltic Avenue to Boardwalk? Perhaps you are a Scrabble master! Come prove that you have what it takes. We will have a great assortment of games, but please feel free to bring your favourite board game and come show off your mad board gaming and Scrabble skills for a fun-filled half-day of competition like you've never seen!
  • Chesskers (Afternoon)

    Which came first: Checkers or Chess? Here's two games that make your brain smarter and are fun to play.  Are you up for some friendly competition? Come join us for an afternoon learning about and playing two of our favourite classic board games – Checkers and Chess.  
  • The Art of Cake Baking and Decorating! (Afternoon)

    In this workshop you will learn how to measure and mix ingredients to bake a basic vanilla cake or cupcakes and make icing. You will then learn about the tools and proper techniques to use icing to make borders, lettering, flowers and more. Note: You will not eat cake or icing during this workshop, but you will take your creations home with you. 
  • Party in the Pool (Afternoon)

    For Grades 4-6
    After a morning of brain teasers and mind boggling challenges, come on up to the pool and let off some steam! Grab any piece of pool gear you can imagine and we will setup some games and challenges to participate with your friends. Basketball, volleyball, cannonball contests, noodle races, and more!
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