ArtsWeek 2016

ArtsWeek is a celebration of individual and collective potential. We select guests that have made deliberate choices to engage aesthetically in intimate and energetic ways. Our guests awaken students’ imaginations to possibilities that may never have occurred to them before, and move students to a point where they value their imaginative potential to a much greater level. 

Senior School Guest Speakers

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  • April 11 (Monday) - Martha Mooke

    Martha Mooke, composer/electroacoustic violist, a pioneer in the field of electric five string viola, transcends musical boundaries by synthesizing her classical music training with extended techniques, digital effects processing and improvisation. A Yamaha, Eventide and Thomastik-Infeld Artist, she is a leading clinician on electric and progressive approaches to string playing including the use of electronics, extended techniques and improvisation.
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  • April 12 (Tuesday) - Richard Wagamese

    Richard Wagamese is one of Canada's foremost Native authors and storytellers. Working as a professional writer since 1979 he's been a newspaper columnist and reporter, radio and television broadcaster and producer, documentary producer and the author of thirteen titles from major Canadian publishers.
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  • April 13 (Wednesday) - Zach Lieberman

    Zachary Lieberman is an artist with a simple goal: he wants you surprised. His work uses technology in a playful way to break down the fragile boundary between the visible and the invisible.
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  • April 14 (Thursday) - Asher Jay

    Creative conservationist and National Geographic Emerging Explorer Asher Jay, uses groundbreaking design, multimedia arts, literature, and lectures to inspire global action to combat illegal wildlife trafficking, advance environmental issues, and promote humanitarian causes.
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