Daily School Bus Service

St. George's School operates a daily School Bus Service Monday through Friday. We encourage you to take advantage of this free service, which helps us reduce the impact of traffic on the roads and in our neighbourhood. Each day the buses depart the Senior School after school at 3:30 pm on Camosun Street, on the East side of the playing field. The UBC route departs from the front of the Senior School on West 29th Avenue. A bus leaves the Junior School at 3:25 pm from the front of the School on West 29th Avenue to bring the students to the Senior School to board their respective buses. From Monday to Thursday, there is an evening route that departs at 5:30 pm from the Senior School. A bus leaves the Junior School at 5:25 pm from the front of the School on West 29th Avenue to bring the students to the Senior School. There is no 5:30 pm evening route on Fridays. Please check the schedule and make sure to register for the School Bus Service. We recommend to arrive at your stop 5 minutes before the scheduled time in the morning to allow for safe boarding of the bus.

Traffic and Parking

Many things contribute to our sons having a happy and successful day at school. High on the list is a safe journey. If you can’t use the School bus service and you have to drive your son to and from School, remember that the following guidelines will increase the likelihood of him arriving safely at school, and safely home again:
  • The best way to avoid congestion is to arrive before 7:45 am or drop off further away from the campus.
  • Encourage a healthy, responsible attitude and avoid traffic congestion by parking at a reasonable distance from school so that your son can walk safely to the campus, or you can walk with him.
  • Please exit the area using Wallace or Crown Streets to West 25th or West 33rd Avenues to avoid adding to the congestion between the two campuses on West 29th.
  • If you encounter a less than courteous driver, please respond by maintaining your own high driving standards and following all traffic regulations with regards to parking/stopping.
  • Life is hectic sometimes and we are all tempted to hurry along the roads but that temptation must be resisted. A speeding vehicle is dangerous to all users: fellow drivers, pedestrians and to those in your vehicle.
  • We ask that you respect our neighbours’ property, other drivers on the road and pedestrians walking in the neighbourhood by dropping off your son(s) at a safe location and continuing on your way without causing any traffic delay or problem for others.
  • use neighbours’ driveways to turn around
  • make U-turns
  • double-stop to drop off or pick up
  • use the four-way stop at the corner of West 29th and Camosun as a drop-off zone
In addition to being illegal, extremely dangerous, and highly disrespectful to other drivers, these are not examples we want to set for our students.
You are safe and considerate when you:
  • respect our neighbours’ boulevards and driveways
  • do not use laneways to enter or leave the vicinity of either campus
  • respect all cones, signs and directions from our traffic attendants

Contact Information

General questions regarding routes and registration may be directed to St. George's School Transportation Office at 604-224-1304 extension 3741 or transportation@stgeorges.bc.ca. The Burnaby, North Shore, New West and White Rock routes are operated by Thirdwave Bus Services. They can be contacted at 604-247-1221 or after hours at 604-768-3787. AVISPA Bus Services operates the Richmond East, Richmond West and Mid Town routes. They can be contacted at 604-722-5963. Thank you for using the Bus Service.

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