Variety, nutrition and balance are the criteria which St. George's Food Service department embrace to ensure students are well fed. 

From hearty breakfasts to four-course lunches, with choices of soup and salad bars, we have distanced ourselves from the school cafeterias of yesteryear. Daily deliveries of fresh produce and only Grade 'A' Canadian meats assure quality and freshness as our cooks carefully prepare meals for our hungry active boys.

Our menus run on 3 week cycles that change every term and feature international as well as traditional meals.

St. George’s School offers a variety of food programs to make sure that all food needs are met.

Programs that are offered between both campuses include: a hot lunch meal program at senior campus as well as junior campus, a bagged lunch program at the junior school, boarding student full meal program. The Saints Café retail kiosk is open at the senior campus for those that want to purchase items.

Hot Lunch Program

Junior school Lunch Program: Students can enjoy a fresh made hot meal with their peers in the junior school hot lunch program. All lunches are served family style with one supervisor at each table which means that boys can interact and socialize with their peers as well as learn to share. Junior school lunches include milk, juice, soup, hot entrée with healthy sides of vegetables and starches, as well as a dessert. Once the boys have finished what is on their platters and plates, they are welcome to come up to the kitchen for second helpings of entrée or soup or are welcome to see what is offered at the daily salad bar.

This program is a great social atmosphere that also teaches boys dining etiquette and the importance of teamwork, sharing, and learning to clean up after meals service.

Any boys that have diet restrictions or allergies can be accommodated with an alternative menu.

Hot lunch program fills up very quickly because of space constraints in the dining room, however the junior school bagged lunch program is a great alternative for those that wish to have their meals provided or are on the waiting list. Please see below for more information. Yearly enrollment  for the dining room lunch program will cost $1200 per year for a whole year commitment into the program unless under certain circumstances approved by the foodservice department.
Lunch service for students at the junior school runs from 11:30 am to 12:00 pm.

Senior School Lunch Program

McLean Hall served up plenty of options for the lunch program. Whether it is a soup and salad or a choice of the two menu entrees offered at the hot stations, there is always something to satisfy every taste. Salad bar and soup bar are also accompanied by an assortment of bread rolls and a spice bar to dress your own soups, salad or entrée to your own personal tastes.

Enrollment for the meal program is per term, however students can use their ID cards to swipe into Mclean Hall for an occasional meal if they wish. Occasional meals will be charged to their account number and will be at a cost of $8.75 per meal or $425 per term. Please contact the SGS business office if you would like to enroll. Meals include the following: Milk, assortment of juice and water, choice of two soups, choice of two entrée, full salad bar with variety of toppings, dressing and dinner rolls, and daily dessert.

Bagged Lunch Program

Currently offered only at the Junior School: Ideal for students that are on the waiting list for the hot lunch program or if a packed lunch cannot be provided (i.e. parent may be away on a certain day and unable to send a lunch).

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If you are a boarding student, you will receive three hot meals per day as well as generous snacks in between. AM Snack is delivered right to the senior school for convenience and the night snack is sure to keep active boys satisfied! Snack can range from a homemade Asian-style steamed bun  to a hot meatball submarine sandwich or Mexican chicken quesadilla!  On weekends, boarders can indulge in a brunch buffet that can consist of a variety of items from fresh cut fruit to made- to- order Omelette bar made by our own talented chefs or Belgian waffles with assortment of toppings!

Saints Café

The Saints Café provides food and refreshments to students throughout various times of the day. Food selections include sushi, chicken caesar salads, deli style sandwiches, fresh fruit and yogurt parfaits, fruit-based smoothies, and much more. The Saints Café has now become an extremely popular haunt for both students and staff.

Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday
8:00 am until school closes

In the Senior School adjacent to The Great Hall

Quality and Pricing
All items are made on site and are prepared daily. Prices are competitive and include taxes.

Café Manager
Ms. Irena Khamzina
604-224-1304 X3777
Unique Dietary Needs
Should your son have specific dietary needs, we will be pleased to accommodate them. At St. George's, our students work hard and play hard, and with this in mind, our Food Services department ensures their appetites are met and satisfied.

Weekly Menu

Food Services Team

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