St. George's is accredited by the BC Inspector of Independent Schools and is a member of the Independent Schools Association of BC, the Canadian Association of Independent Schools, and the National Association of Independent Schools (USA). Incorporated under the Societies Act of BC, the school is governed by a vigorous Board of Directors. The current Chair is Mr. Jake Kerr '61 and the Headmaster is Dr. Tom Matthews. 

Mr. Kerr is Chair of the Board of Directors, incorporated under the Society Act in British Columbia. The School’s endowment funds are held by the Foundation, which is also incorporated under the Society Act in British Columbia; both Boards are tax-exempt, registered charitable organizations under the Income Tax Act in Canada.  Our charitable registration number is 11917-5511 RR0001.  Dr. Matthews is assisted in the administration of the School by a senior Leadership Team.

School Board of Directors

Jake Kerr '61, Board Chair, Executive Committee Chair
Catherine McCauley
, Vice-Chair, Advancement Board Committee Chair
Russell Smith, Education & Technology Board Committee Chair
Steve Sammut, Finance & Audit Board Committee Chair
Sven Freybe,  Nominating & Governance Board Committee Chair
Peeter Wesik, Property & Facilities Board Committee Chair
Steve Munford, Human Resources Board Committee Chair
Michael Skene '85
Gail Ruddy
Joseph Fung '99
Don Forsgren
Andrea Thomas Hill
Paul Dunstan
Rob McJunkin
Prentice Durbin '89, Foundation Board Chair
Dirk Laudan '87, Old Boys Association President
Rosi Gill
, SGPA President

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Foundation Board of Trustees

Prentice Durbin '89, Board Chair
Robert Orr
, Audit & Risk Management Board Committee Chair
Anthony Werry, Investment Board Committee Chair
Carman Chan 
Kathy Butler 
Roderick Kirkham 
Mark Lewis
Jake Kerr '61
- Society Representative
Catherine McCauley – Society Representative
Sven Freybe – Society Representative
Michael Skene '85 – Society Representative

St. George's School Leadership Team

Consisting of the members of Senior Management who report directly to the Headmaster and representing all areas within the School, the SGS Leadership Team: 
  • shares with the Society Board the responsibility for advancing the School’s Mission, Vision and Values;
  • is responsible for implementing the Strategic Plan through the development, execution and monitoring of the Annual Action Plan;
  • is responsible for monitoring and strengthening School culture;
  • provides individual members with a School-wide perspective through an appreciation of other member’s portfolios, along with the interplay between various aspect of School operations beyond their own areas of responsibility; 
  • functions as a sounding board and support group for its members;
  • helps to inform decisions made by individual members on important matters within their portfolios, particularly when those matters may have School-wide implications;
  • provides advice, counsel and support to the Headmaster;
  • helps to inform key decision made by the Headmaster.

Leadership Team

List of 8 members.

  • Dr. Tom Matthews 

    (604) 221 3608
  • Mr. Greg Devenish 

    Junior School Principal
    (604) 222 5892
  • Mr. Gary Kern 

    Senior School Principal
    (604) 224 1304
  • Mr. Alan Hesketh 

    Director of Residential Life
    (604) 221 3897
  • Mr. Sam Johnston 

    Director of Learning
    (604) 221 3669
  • Mr. Neil Piller 85

    Director of Operations
    (604) 221 3913
  • Ms. Karen Potter 

    Director of Human Resources
    (604) 221 3683
  • Mr. Sanjay Chauhan 

    Director of Finance
    (604) 221 3603
Founded in 1930, St. George's School is a world-class boys' university preparatory school, offering a day program in Grades 1-12 and an Urban Boarding program in Grades 8-12. With 1150 students, 109 of whom are boarders from over 20 countries worldwide, St. George's School truly is Canada's World School for Boys.
St. George’s School
Junior Campus: 3851 West 29th Avenue, Vancouver, BC Canada V6S 1T6
Senior Campus: 4175 West 29th Avenue, Vancouver, BC Canada V6S 1V1
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