Tradition. Community. Fun.  
The St. George’s Fair cannot happen without YOU. 
Volunteer opportunities abound before and during the Fair. 
Uniforms. Help needed Friday May 4th from dismissal at noon until 3pm and Saturday May 5th for 2 hour shifts. Please contact Noreen ( with your availability.
Sort. Games and puzzles before Fair day for the Toys and Games booth. Contact Andrea Maru (
Make Pies. Come help make pies. Please contact Judith Macfarlane ( to volunteer. 
Solicit. The Silent Auction Team needs volunteers to help with the seeking of auction items before the Fair. Or, donate something from your own business. Email Tasleem Suleman at
Sort. Help organize donations at the Junior School: Saturday, April 14th from 10:00 am-2:00 pm.
Price. During the day from May 1-5, we need help sorting and pricing for the Marketplace and Fashion Mall booths in the Junior School gyms.
Sell. Join the weekend raffle sales opportunities.  
Spring Clean. Donate your clothes, toys, books, sporting goods, jewelry, purses, and household items.
Set Up. Extra hands are welcome on Friday, May 4th as the booths get set up and the Junior School grounds are transformed. 
Bake. Before the Fair you can bake cakes for the Grade 1 Cake Walk, or goodies for the Baked Goods booth to deliver on May 4th.  
Join. All the booths need volunteers on Fair Day, you can even do more than one shift at a booth if you want. Just pick one that you think looks interesting:   
    * Antiques & Treasures; Toys; Books  
    * Marketplace; Jewelry; Fashion Mall  
    * Bottle Booth; Cake Walk
    * Food Fair; Homemade Pies; Tea Room 
    * Sporting Goods; Silent Auction; Plants  
    * Security; Parcel Pick-up; Parking
    * Upper Field Rides & Games (The Upper Field alone needs 80+ parent volunteers!) 
Please sign up and find out how to get involved here: 
Students get service hours / wing points for volunteering. 


成为 FAIR的一员

传统性 * 社区性 * 趣味性 
倘若缺少一个“你”,圣乔治学校的 FAIR 将无法顺利举办
在FAIR 筹备和举办期间,大量义工机会

募集:无声拍卖会小组需要义工帮忙于FAIR举办之前寻求拍卖物品;或者您可以捐助您个人商户的产品。Email Tasleem Suleman (
义卖:参与周末抽奖券的销售。详情请参见 FAIR网页关于抽奖券的介绍
烘焙:在 FAIR之前,您可以烤蛋糕以支持一年级小朋友的“蛋糕游行”或为5月5日当天的烘烤摊档准备美食。
参与:所有摊档在 FAIR当天都极需人手帮忙。如果您愿意,您可以服务多轮班次。您可以选择您感兴趣的项目:
    * 古董及收藏品;玩具;书籍
    * 杂货集市;珠宝首饰;时装
    * BOTTLE铺;蛋糕游行
    * 美食铺;自制馅饼;品茶室
    * 体育用品;无声拍卖会;植物售卖
    * 保安部;包裹领取;停车指挥
    * 球场游戏 (此项目需要至少80名家长义工)
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