Purse Parade

Who doesn't dream of carrying a LV or Prada purse on their arm? Here's your chance to  finally own a new or gently loved genuine designer handbag -- at bargain prices!  
Come check out our popular, yet exclusive, Purse Parade booth to get the latest "It" bag from the Paris runway or something casually stylish for everyday use.  We carry designer and contemporary labels from Burberry, Gucci, Coach, and Michael Kors for you ladies, Guess and Le Sport Sac for your teenager, to wallets and the Avengers for the men in your lives--you name it!
Come see the Purse Parade at the Fair--like everything in life, the good things go rst!
What to Donate:
  • gently used bags in good condition
  • designer labels (Prada, LV, Burberry, etc., but please no knock-off designer labels)
  • contemporary labels (Coach, Michael Kors, Tory Burch, etc.)
  • fashion & evening bags
  • teens & tweens (TokiDoki, Le Sport Sac, Roxy, Guess)
  • kids (Hello Kitty, Disney, Pokemon, Superheroes)
  • man bags (murses!)
  • make up bags
  • briefcases
  • small leather goods
How to Donate:
Please send in your donation during Donation Weeks with "Purse Parade" clearly marked on the packaging. Alternatively, bags can be donated into the pink bins located in the lobby area at both the Junior and Senior School. If your items are particularly valuable, please email:
Jessica Chan (jesschan@shaw.ca)
Emily Ng (ngme@hotmail..com)
The Purse Parade is one of the most well attended booths at the Fair. As such, we encourage everyone to please save us your purses, and clear your closets (with the Purse Parade in mind!) for the launching of yet another successful and popular booth. We have already received such great purses, backpacks, and wallets from parents and friends of the school, and we look forward to all donations in the upcoming months. 
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