Bottles! Bottles! Bottles! 
Try your luck at the famous Bottle Booth. Guaranteed, no one leaves empty handed! 
How the game is played: 
The bottles are arranged in three tiers and are numbered. There is a section for adults and for young adults under 18. Each player picks a numbered popsicle stick and wins the bottle with the corresponding number. 
If you play you are sure to walk away with something in a bottle … 
It's easy. It’s fun. Everyone is a winner every time! 
Bottle Donations 
As the Fair is fast approaching it is time for our annual Bottle Booth Collection. 
Do you have bottles of wine, spirits or any fancy liqueurs received that you will not be using? We, at the bottle booth, will be more than happy to take them off your hands for a very good cause. Your generous donations are greatly appreciated and go a long way. 
Although we are happy to accept all types of donations in a bottle, the following items are most popular and contribute substantially to the profitability of the booth: 
·         Wine
·         Spirits
·         Liqueurs
·         Gourmet food items - oils, vinegars, pickles, etc.
·         Sparkling water
·         2-litre pop
·         Soda
·         Juice
Please check expiry dates on all products, if it is before June 2017, sorry we can’t accept it. 
Boys, want to wear casual dress to school? 
This is your best chance! Support the Bottle Drive and leave your uniform at home for the day. 
Bottle Drive Dates: 
  • March 16 - Junior and Senior Schools
  • April 20 -  Junior and Senior Schools
  • May 3  - Junior and Senior Schools (not a casual day at Senior School)
  • May 4 - Senior School Only
Please note: Students are not permitted to carry alcohol to school so please plan to drop off those donations at the specified sites. We need and appreciate your generous contributions! 
Junior School Bottle Drive Donation 
On the day of the bottle drive, donations will be happily accepted by our volunteers: 
·         as you drive through the Junior School
·         at the tent by the main gate at the Junior School
You may also drop off your donations any time at the Front Desk of the Senior School. 
Non-alcoholic donations such as pop, juice, and sparkling water can be dropped off by the boys in the Junior School Lobby or will be collected in class by student volunteers. 
Earn Easy Wing Points at the Junior School 
Want your wing to win? Here’s an easy and sure way to earn points for your wing — Junior School students will be awarded the following wing points for their donations: 
Donation Type
Wing points per bottle
Fine Spirits & Liqueur
35 points
20 points
Gourmet Items
15 points
Sparkling Water / Beer
10 points
2 liter pop & Juice
5 points
Small soda / Misc
1 points
Senior School Bottle Drive Donation 
Alcoholic donations at the Senior School will be collected in the foyer of the Senior School. 
Non-alcoholic donations such as pop, juice, sparkling water, etc. can be dropped off by the boys in the Great Hall at the Senior School on Bottle Drive days. 
At the Senior School, we are happy to accept $2 or more in lieu of a bottle donation. 
Again, please check expiry dates on all products. If your product expires before June 2018 we unfortunately can’t accept it. 
St. George’s School acknowledges that we are situated on the unceded traditional territory of the Musqueam First Nation.
Contributions to St. George's School are tax creditable as prescribed by Canadian law. St. George's School's Charitable Registration Number is: 11917-5511 RR0001.
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