• 2013: Saints Basketball vs. Vancouver College

      2013: Saints Basketball vs. Vancouver College

You may not be coming to St. George’s for school every day, but some aspect of Saints still remains in your character and affects your daily life.

As a Georgian you may have graduated from Saints last year or five years ago, but you will notice that, as time passes, the School’s core structure and values do not change. Do you remember snoozing your alarm as much as possible, putting on your uniform that what at least a few days overdue for cleaning, rushing to school and being greeted by your favourite teacher? Do you remember the first time you met your best friend, with whom you share many memories? Do you remember dances with Crofton and York House and intense sports games against Vancouver College and Shawnigan Lake School? Do you remember the feeling you got when you first walked into the Grad Lounge or the first time you drove to school on your own after getting your driver’s license?

Did you know that tuition only covers 71% of the operating budget? It is for this reason that the School asks for donations. You can make a difference in the educational journey of a student in two ways: by donating to the Annual Fund, which provides the programs, educational enhancements, and co-curricular activities that enable students of today to create those same memories you have; or, by donating to the Old Boys Endowment Fund, giving deserving boys with financial needs the ability to attend this school.

Please consider a gift to match your graduation year! 

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Every gift makes a difference, so please give back to the area of need that most resonates to you.

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Founded in 1930, St. George's School is a world-class boys' university preparatory school, offering a day program in Grades 1-12 and an Urban Boarding program in Grades 8-12. With 1160 students, 110 of whom are boarders from over 20 countries worldwide, St. George’s School is a vibrant community committed to authentic learning.
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