Junior School Physical and Health Education Program

PHE Classes Update

The School and PHE/Athletic Department are making sure that all public health-related protocols and procedures are followed to the fullest extent.


  • To expose all students to a programme of progressive skill development in a variety of major & minor games and other physical activities
  • To promote an appreciation and enjoyment of participation in physical activities and establish the habits associated with an active lifestyle
  • To provide all students with an opportunity to experience regular, meaningful and enjoyable competition
  • To promote and develop appropriate social behaviour and cooperation through games
  • To promote the development of healthy mind and body


Students should behave in a manner that promotes the efficient use of class time, the achievement of instructional objectives in a safe and enjoyable environment for themselves and others.

PHE Course Structure

The objectives and expectations for this subject area are delivered through three different strands over the course of a regular week. Details of these strands can be seen below.

Health Education

Health Education classes, formerly named HACE, are delivered in the classroom environment by a classroom teacher. Over the course of a school year Health Education classes connect to the following curriculum areas, Healthy and Active Living; Social and Community Health; and Mental Well Being. Further details of what is taught within each curriculum area can be found in the course outline for each grade.

Instructional Classes

Over the duration of the school year the boys are exposed to a variety of sports in which the focus is on developing sport specific skills and their game understanding of how to play the sport. Additional information of what sports are taught can be found on the in course outlines for each grade.

Wing Games – Intramurals

Weekly wing games provide the boys with an opportunity to participate and compete in their wings for points. The course outlines for each grade provide information on what sports are played. The boys in grade 1 won’t be exposed to wing games but will have wing related activities within an instructional class.


Weekly games classes are available for boys in grade 6 and 7 only. Games classes are often used for school team practices. In addition, games classes can be an opportunity for the boys to engage in a variety of other sports activities that may not be practiced in the other subject area strands. The course outlines for both grades can provide details for what takes place throughout the year.

PHE Uniform

All Junior Schools students are expected to have the following items:

  • 1 school tracksuit
  • 2 Wing T-shirts
  • 2 pairs of black school shorts
  • 5 pairs of white socks
  • 1 pair of INDOOR running shoes
  • 1 pair of OUTDOOR running shoes
  • 1 lock for PE locker
  • 1 pair of sports goggles
  • 1 swimsuit and goggles (swimming) only applicable to boys in grade 3 to 7
  • 1 towel

All items of clothing and equipment must be labelled and stored in a PE locker.

Please note that for all new boys to the school they will be permitted to participate in a white t-shirt for the first few weeks of school. Once a wing has been identified for them then they must get a wing shirt to wear for every PE class.

Most of the items listed above are available at the school store.


List of 4 members.

  • Photo of Christopher Johnson

    Christopher Johnson 

    Junior School PHE Teacher and Athletics
  • Photo of Denis Smajlovic

    Denis Smajlovic 

    Junior School PHE Teacher and Athletics
  • Photo of Nino Sose

    Nino Sose 

    Head of Junior School Athletics
  • Photo of Aled Thomas

    Aled Thomas 

    Associate Principal Junior School
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