Rugby for Restricted (Lights) and Unrestricted (Heavies)

The Junior School rugby team is open to all boys in Grade 6 & 7 who have an interest in playing one of the traditional sports of the school, rugby. Rugby practices and games will have an emphasis on promoting and improving a variety of technical rugby skills through game-related activities in an enjoyable and safe way.
At the Junior School, we have two rugby teams and interested boys will be placed into a group based on their weight and playing experience. 
  •  Restricted under 115lbs, (Lights) and,
  •  Unrestricted over 115lbs, (Heavies)
There are certain exceptions to the weight categories. This occurs when a boy of a restricted weight under 115lbs, is permitted to play for the unrestricted over 115lbs team, based on his playing experience. This consideration is only for boys in Grade 7.

Throughout the season every effort will be made to give a boy appropriate playing time, as we will be playing a number of festivals at other Independent Schools.
The season concludes with the ISEAPlayday for both teams at St. George’s Junior School on Tuesday, May 12th. Boys who have attended regular practices and games will be selected to participate. The playday will take place over an afternoon with the school teams participating in a number of games against other Independent Schools.
The coaching team for this season consists of the following teachers:
Unrestricted: Mr. Thomas, Mr. Smajlovic, Mr. Rogers, and Ms. McCann
Restricted: Mr. Thomas, Mr. Smajlovic, Mr. Rogers, and Ms. McCann

Training and Games Schedule:

The schedule for both teams can be found on the school website and also on the school calendar. Each boy will be provided with a paper copy too.

If a boy is unable to make a practice or a game it is important we are notified of the absence.  

Practice Venue:

Junior School Playing Field or Chaldecott Park (depending on the Junior School field space)

Clothing & Equipment:

It is very important that all boys attend rugby sessions with the essential items of clothing and footwear. By having all essential items all boys are able to perform and develop their skills safely. 

The table below outlines the clothing and equipment that will be required to participate in the rugby season.

Clothing / Equipment
Essential / Desirable
Mouth Guard (x2)
(Always helpful to have a mouthguard in the school locker as well as the school bag)
(Limited, or no participation will be allowed if a mouth guard is not worn)
Head Gear
(Soccer cleats are acceptable)
(Everyone will be required to wear suitable footwear to practice and games)
St. George’s Red Rugby Jersey
St. George’s Black Rugby Shorts
St. George’s Red Rugby Socks
St. George’s Tracksuit
(This is important for practice and game warm-up as well as when we are travelling to other schools)
Gloves and Skin based layered clothing
NB: It is important that the student practices and plays wearing all essential items of clothing and equipment. Due to the demands of the rugby program, it may be of benefit to get additional items of rugby clothing/equipment. All items of clothing can be bought at the Junior or Senior School stores.

Junior Rugby Coaches

List of 4 members.

  • Photo of Aled Thomas

    Aled Thomas 

    PHE Curriculum Leader/Teacher and Athletics
  • Photo of Denis Smajlovic

    Denis Smajlovic 

    Junior School PHE Teacher and Athletics
  • Photo of Todd Rogers

    Todd Rogers 

    Grade 4 Teacher
  • Photo of Allison McCann

    Allison McCann 

    Theatre Arts / Arts Teacher
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