Senior School Activities

Date: April 8–12
The theme for ArtsWeek 2019 is Playful Interruptions, focusing on experience, performance, and making. Historically, the arts have played the role of disruptor, bringing fresh perspective to issues, technologies and aesthetics and therefore, interrupting the way we perceive our surroundings.  
Keeping to our theme, artists, dancers, poets, painters, architects and other performers will interrupt classes throughout the week with 10-minute performances. You won't know when, but do be prepared for what we like to call, FlashArt!
If you are interested in participating as an artist during ArtsWeek, please contact Santhe LeBlanc ( or any of the Art, Music, or Drama teachers for more information.
In addition, we will showcase faculty and Georgian artwork at an art exhibition throughout the week. If you are interested in showcasing your work, please drop off your artwork to Chloe Gammon in the Art Department, anytime between now and the beginning of Spring Break (March 15th). 
This year’s keynote speakers include: Georgian JJ Adrian, musician; Nicholas Bowers, LA-based street artist; Kyle Duffield, Toronto based Digital Media artist; and Immigrant Lessons, a local dance crew.

Keynote Presenters

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  • Immigrant Lessons

    Immigrant Lessons is a dance/art collective created by professional artists, Kevin Fraser and Alyssa Amarshi, to promote cultural pluralism through dance, music, fashion, and visual design. Kevin and Alyssa merge their 13 years of combined experience to tackle issues prominent in their professional and personal lives including sexual orientation and gender identity, feminism, racial discrimination, cultural erasure, intersectionality, and mental illness. Immigrant Lessons aims to create more opportunities for people of colour and marginalized communities in dance, stage performance, film, urban performance, concert dance, and community development.

    Watch Immigrant Lessons on Youtube.
  • JJ Adrian

    Vancouver-born and Berklee College of Music educatied 24-year-old, JJ Adrian, redefines the scope of R&B with an untouchable vocal ability and a refreshingly alternative narrative, lyrically and musically. He shares a selection of stories from his upcoming project that draws on journeys in love, honest introspection, and understanding the responsibility of a cross-national identity.
  • Kyle Duffield

    Kyle Duffield is a Toronto-based Interactive and Experience Design Professional who creates immersive interactive installations. He also collaborates with Daniele Hopkins under the moniker, Hopkins Duffield. Additionally, Kyle is the Director of Educational Strategy, Technical Director, and Co-Curator for the studio and exhibition space Electric Perfume, and an educator who facilitates interactive media workshops. Kyle is currently focusing on fostering the creative media community in Toronto and is continually striving to create unforgettable technological experiences.

    Watch a video of his work.
  • Nicholas Bowers

    Nicholas Bowers was born in Gainesville Florida in 1980 and grew up in South Carolina. Nicholas’ early years were spent constantly drawing and building models but only as a “hobby”. Later, his high school art teacher inspired him to pursue a degree in art education at Winthrop University. Soon after, Nicholas became excited more about creating rather than the teaching aspect — he became intrigued with mixed media techniques. “Combining these techniques let me explore both narrative and space. These personal narratives are about my ideas about the world and my personal history. Through the process of creating the imagery, the theme or idea emerges,” says Nicholas. Switching gears and changing majors, he later graduated with a BFA in Printmaking and Sculpture.

    Upon graduation, Nicholas engaged in various art ventures and exhibitions around the Southeastern U.S. region before returning to the state of Florida for a teaching assistantship at The University of Florida in Gainesville.

    In 2008, one year shy of an MFA degree in printmaking, Nicholas moved to Los Angeles to work as an artist assistant for one of the world’s most influential artists. Currently, he spends most of his time globetrotting as an artist assistant. When he is in Los Angeles you can find him in the studio.

Junior School Activities

Date: April 8–12

The Junior School will also be participating in ArtsWeek. Students will be immersed in arts experiences, ranging from guest visual artists, improv and capoeira performances, ballroom and ballet classes, senior and junior school band performances and surprise recess arts-themed activities.

Choice Day will be taking place on Thursday, April 11th of ArtsWeek. On this special day, teachers offer activities outside of their usual curriculum and students get to choose how they spend their day. There is a range of activities being hosted this year, including cooking and baking challenges, Lego building, slime making, a public art walk, creating care packages for the homeless, and even learning how to change a flat tire! Students will sign up for their activities after the break. Please ensure your sons' are dressed appropriately for their activities!

Special Family Events

Family Dance Party

Date: Tuesday, April 9
Time: 2:30 pm – 3:00 pm
Location: Gym

Grade 1–3 families are invited to join us in the gym for a family dance party. Wear your dancing shoes and join the boys as we tear up the dance floor together!

Arts Variety Show

Date: Wednesday, April 10
Time: 2:30 pm – 3:00 pm
Location: Gym

Grade 4 & 5 families are invited to join us in the gym for an Arts Variety show. Sit back and enjoy some performances from the students, to celebrate their learning this year.
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