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The residential life program at St. George’s School has five categories of objectives upon which our programming is based.  Combined with our Fundamental Beliefs, these five categories support each of the four pillars of the school’s strategic plan and guide the development of our Residential Life Curriculum.

Academic success and support

Goal: Students gain the skills and experiences required to achieve their full academic potential as a boarding student at St. George's School.
Activities and instruction are provided to develop:
  • Academic organization and time management
  • Study skills
  • University application preparedness
  • Appropriate technology and internet usage

Interpersonal/intrapersonal development

Goal: Students develop an increased understanding of others and themselves and explore their role within the context of community.
Activities and instruction are provided to develop:

  • Personal organization
  • Respect and responsibility towards self, others and surroundings
  • Relationships between students and staff and a sense of interconnectivity of the community
  • Community and groups skills, including communication, cooperation and followership
  • Student leadership
  • Self-reflection on personal strengths and growth areas

Practical life skills

Goal: Students leave residential life with a basic set of practical life skills.
Activities and instruction are provided to develop basic proficiency in:

  • Laundry
  • Cooking/baking
  • Personal financial management
  • Transportation
  • Basic repairs and maintenance
  • Arts and craft

Personal health and wellness

Goal: Students gain the knowledge and experience required to make good decisions about and take positive action towards their health and wellness.
Activities and instruction are provided to develop:

  • Appropriate diet and nutrition
  • Personal fitness
  • Positive self-image
  • Self-care and grooming
  • Healthy decision-making with respect to relationships, sexuality, spirituality and substance abuse
  • Management of stress and anxiety

Cultural and social awareness

Goal: Students gain a greater appreciation for other cultures, including the culture of Canada, and demonstrate social responsibility.
Activities and instruction are provided to develop:

  • A Canadian experience
  • English language learning
  • Appreciation for significant sites/cultures in British Columbia
  • An appreciation of the other cultures represented in Harker Hall
  • Learning through service
  • Environmental awareness and stewardship
St. George’s School acknowledges that we are situated on the unceded traditional territory of the Musqueam First Nation.
Contributions to St. George's School are tax creditable as prescribed by Canadian law. St. George's School's Charitable Registration Number is: 11917-5511 RR0001.
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