School fees FAQs

List of 7 frequently asked questions.

  • How much is the application fee?

    Application Fee (Day and Boarding)

    $25 CAN

    Cost to take the Secondary School Admissions Test

    (Payable to SSAT upon registration)

    Elementary Level
    Domestic Middle/Upper Level
    International Middle/Upper Level

    $95-$135 USD 

    $155-$235 USD

     $299 USD

    Late fees and rush fees exist. SSAT Fees are subject to change. Please visit for details. 
    • Overseas Interview and/or Testing Fees (for students unable to write the SSAT) may apply.
    • Parents applying for Financial Aid may request a fee waiver for the SSAT.
    Please contact the Admissions Office for details.
  • How do we determine eligibility for residency?

    A student is classified as a BC resident for St. George's School tuition purposes if the parents are domiciled in the province of British Columbia and are Canadian Citizens, or Landed Immigrants with valid Permanent Resident status, or possess a Canadian Work Permit in excess of one year. A domicile is the place where a family permanently resides.

    Objective evidence of residency in BC is demonstrated by the absence of ties to a former province or country of residence for twenty-four consecutive months.

    To validate that a family is eligible for BC Residency Fees at St. George's School, the student and his family must provide proof of the majority of the following requirements:

    • Canadian Citizenship, or Landed Immigrant status with valid Permanent Resident documentation, or a Canadian Work Permit in excess of one year
    • Date of and Province of issuing driver's license
    • Employment history, including current and assured future permanent employment in Canada (T1 Tax Return)
    • Demonstrated transfer of major banking services to Canada
    • Applications for loans, mortgages, or other such items
    • Date and Province in which registered to vote
    • Student's place of prior attendance in educational institutions, including elementary/high schools, and any information held by such schools affecting domicile
    • Parents' marital status and work record of registrant and spouse
    • Change in permanent address on all pertinent records
    • Ownership of real property; all other material of whatever kind or source which may have bearing on determining domicile or resident status

    Effective September 2015, any international boarding applicant holding a Canadian Passport, whether or not his family lives overseas, is eligible to pay the Canadian Boarding Student Fees as opposed to the International Boarding School Fees. 
  • What is the one-time entrance levy?

    Upon acceptance, an entrance levy is required to join the School. This one-time levy is required to hold the place and is in addition to the total fees.

    $3,500 CAN 

  • How much is basic tuition (2021-22)?

    Junior School (BC Student)
    Junior School (International Student)

    $26,000 CAN

    $39,200 CAN

    Senior School (BC Student)
    Senior School (International Student)

    $28,200 CAN

    $41,300 CAN

    Boarding Student (Canadian)
    Boarding Student (American or Mexican)
    Boarding Student (International)

    $57,600 CAN

    $66,000 CAN

    $78,300 CAN

    *For Domestic Students, monthly payment schedules are available.
    *For two or more siblings, a 2% discount applies | Fees increase 4-5% annually, on average.
  • What's included?

    Here is a general list of what’s included. (Note: Boarding tuition automatically includes Room and Board and most weekend activities):

    • Textbooks  
    • Course materials
    • English Literature books
    • Language and Science workbooks  
    • Compulsory standard examination fees
    • Transportation for sports, clubs and local venues
    • Program-related expenditures such as athletics, extra-curricular activities, and community service
    • Fitness room, gyms and pool  
    • Internet access  
    • St. George’s Parents’ Association membership fees
    • The Saint magazine
    • The Georgian yearbook
    *Charges will apply for unreturned text books 
  • What's NOT included?


    Basic Uniform:
    $600.00 on average

    Personal school supplies:
    $30.00 on average


    Academic Program
    AP Exams mostly for Grade 10’s and 11’s
    Range $150.00 to $1,000.00
    Lunch Program
    $1,425 on average per year (Approximately $475 per term)
    Athletic Programs
    Hockey Program: $17,000.00

    Cohort Programs
    (Express, Fusion, Discovery or Connect)

    Sports and Team fees | uniforms | sporting kits:  
    Range $50.00 to $700.00 – Local Tours 

    Spring Break International Tours
    (e.g. Japanese tour, rugby tour to UK, art tour to New York, band tour to Europe, etc.
    Range $1,000.00 to $4,500.00
    Music Program
    Musical Instrument rentals / music lessons
    Range $50.00 to $1,000.00

    Boarding Program
    Boarding Medical | Dental | Tutoring | Telephone expenses
    Range $50.00 to $500.00
    Alternative weekend and short-term holiday programs for Boarders
    Range $50.00 to $500.00 
  • Additional Information

    SSAT Pricing:
    Domestic Testing 
    International Testing
    Elementary Level $90 (USD)

    • Paper-based Testing 
    • Flex Testing
    Elementary Level $203 (USD)

    • Paper-based Testing 
    • Flex Testing
    Middle Level/Upper Level: $149 (USD)

    • SSAT at Home
    • Flex Testing
    • SSAT at Prometric Test Centres
    Middle Level/Upper Level: $287 (USD)

    • Paper-based Testing 
    • Flex Testing
    • SSAT at Prometric Test Centres

    Outdoor Education Program

    There is an additional charge for the School's compulsory Outdoor Education program for Grade 1–10. For complete information on fees and other information, please download the appropriate PDF document and our Financial Handbook below.

General Inquiries

Junior School Admissions
T: 604-222-5883
F: 604-224-5820

Senior School Admissions
T: 604-221-3890
F: 604-221-3893
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