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Our fax number is 604-224-7066.

School Directory

  • Ms. Tricia Lane
    Executive Assistant to the Principal, Junior School
    (604) 224 1304 x5804
  • Mr. Neil Lanuza
    Neil was born in the Phillipines.  He attended college while he lived in the Phillipines.  His  past work experience includes electrical and some carpentry and is now employed as a custodian.  He is a family man with 3 daughters.  His favourite food is chicken adobo with a hearty serving of fruit juices.  He enjoys playing basketball during his time away from work.  
  • Ms. Victoria Lau
    Math, Music, Science, Social Studies, Homeroom
    Grade 4/5 Coordinator / Teacher
    (604) 224 1304 x4144
    Victoria started teaching Grade 4 at St. George's in 2007. Since her arrival, she has been involved with coaching the School's Grade 5 Soccer teams and assisting the Track and Field team with administrative duties. Victoria enjoys spending her breaks travelling with her family.
  • Ms. Erin Leach
    Student Services
    Personal Counsellor / Teacher
    (604) 222 5810

    Erin started at St. George's in 2000. She is currently involved in the school play and the golf program. Erin is an avid figure skater who trains in ice dance. Other interests include applied arts, pilates, and international travel.

  • Ms. Santhe LeBlanc
    Visual Arts, Student Life
    (604) 221 3667
    Art is not a hobby but a way of living life - a way to perceive and respond through critical thinking and thoughtful reflective interpretation. My main medium of expression is oil painting and drawing, as well as a passion for the conceptual arts. My husband and I have been living in Vancouver for 16 years and now have two beautiful children. I am an avid gardner and beekeeper.
  • Mr. Brian Lee
    Student Life, Student Services, Administration
    Associate Principal, Student Life
    (604) 221 3619
  • Ms. Gertrude Lee
    Health Services
  • Mr. Eric Lefer
    Bus Driver
    (604) 224 1304 x3741
    Eric's interests include travelling, movies, books, and volleyball.
  • Ms. Jane Jin Ling Li
    (604) 224 1304 x3725
  • Ms. Lucy Li
    Mandarin Teacher
    (604) 224 1304 ext. 3670
  • Mr. Steven Liou
    Information Technology
    IT Service Desk Analyst
    (604) 221 3654
  • Ms. Natalie Liu
    Math, Science
    Science/Math Teacher
    (604) 224 1304 x3769
  • Ms. Ying Liu
    Advancement Associate - Events and School Liaison
    (604) 221 3902
  • Mr. Robert Lovell
    Math, Social Studies
    (604) 224 1304 x3633
    Robert joined St. George's in 2009 after teaching Senior Math at a Toronto private school. He sponsors Math Challengers, Investment Club, School Reach, and Badminton. Robert enjoys hiking and skiing in and around Vancouver with his wife Sara.
  • Ms. Judy Low
    Accounts Administrator
    (604) 221 3604
    Judy worked in the IT and construction industry before settling down at the St. George's Accounting department. She's been at the school for the past 8 years doing just about everything you can think of in the Accounting department that involves money.

    In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family, friends, and travelling around the world, especially in Asia. However, her favourite vacation destination is San Francisco, where there is great shopping and lots of wonderful places to eat. She loves to stretch out at yoga where it helps to clear her mind and gives stillness to her day. She also likes to go kick-boxing, where she can punch out her stressful days.
  • Mr. Dave Luers '87
    Math Teacher
    (604) 224 1304 x3709
  • Ms. Claudia Lutes
    Outdoor Education
    Outdoor Education Teacher/House Parent
    (604) 224 1304 x3757
    After teaching Middle School English abroad for two years, Claudia has recently returned to Vancouver to pursue a career in Outdoor Education. She enjoys hiking, paddling, rugby, ultimate frisbee, beach volleyball, and travelling.
  • Ms. Eimear Lyons
    Admissions Office Administrator
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