The athletic program at St. George's School embodies the school's core value: the healthy growth of body, mind, and spirit. Our program, grounded in integrity, promotes character development and collaboration. We believe that athletic competition is a powerful teacher.

In a team context, physical and mental challenge offers athletes the opportunity to develop leadership skills, self – confidence, and a commitment to others that will inspire them to lead productive and active lives.

  • Measure the overall success of our programs by the degree to which individuals and teams embody the core values of the mission statement.
  • Develop programs that will be competitive against the top programs provincially and nationally.
  • Employ coaches of good character with competence in teaching technical skills and who possess the ability to motivate and relate positively to student athletes and adults.
  • Develop teams as well as individual athletes and teams that are constantly improving, hard-working, and disciplined.
  • Offer a variety of team sports and encourage a breadth of athletic experiences.
  • Allocate equipment and resources to support the mission of the program equitably and appropriately for participants of all sports and skill levels.
  • Provide a safe environment and facilities.
  • Develop in athletes an appreciation for the specific traditions, rules, and cultures of their sport.
  • Build healthy, enjoyable, and supportive team environments based on trust with no tolerance for hazing.

List of 8 members.

  • Edward Taylor 

    Head of Physical Education, Senior School
    (604) 221 3650
  • Paul Proznick 

    Head of Games / Teacher / House Parent
    (604) 221 3682
  • Dustin Hersee 

    Head of Aquatics
    (604) 221 3632
  • Guy daSilva 

    (604) 224 1304 x3759
  • Aidan Docherty 

    Aquatics Teacher/Yearbook
    (604) 224 1304 x3774
  • Randy Huber 

    (604) 221 3882
  • Mike Stiles 

    (604) 224 1304 x3732
  • Carol Pollock 

    University Counsellor / PE Teacher
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