Risk Management

Clearly, there are risks involved in almost all aspects of our lives. From driving a car to crossing the street or cooking in the kitchen there is always a statistical chance that we could incur a loss (we could be killed in a car accident or see our savings go up in smoke when our house burns down). When taking students outdoors to participate in educational activities, the possibility of loss is always present. There is simply no system of controls that could create a completely "safe" environment. In fact, it is the element of risk that, to a large degree, forms the nature of many, if not all, outdoor activities. Imagine skiing with no possibility of ever falling or being hurt. Risk is inherent to the outdoor experience. 

St. George's School recognizes that taking students into outdoor settings does introduce a range of possible risks. We also, however, feel that educational gains justify a certain level of risk. The challenge is determining this level and doing everything in our control to ensure programs operate within this tolerance.

There will always be risk in the programs we offer but there are also certain reasonable actions that can be taken to reduce the likelihood of losses taking place or reduce their severity.  The outdoor education risk management plan seeks to describe our accepted practices and decision making strategies. For every activity there are certain inherent risks. It is an important role of St. George's School to identify these risks and present them to the parents of the students involved along with the management strategies being employed. Ultimately, however, it is the responsibility of each individual family to determine if a given activity fits within their own tolerance for risk. Families may then acknowledge these risks and decide whether or not they consent to their son's participation.

View the complete Outdoor Education Risk Management Plan
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